Dayton Audio SPA2400DSP 2400W Subwoofer Amplifier with DSP

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Thanks to the Dayton Audio SPA2400DSP digitally processed plate amplifier, it's possible to experience professional-level control over your subwoofer. Fine tune your system's low frequency performance, with groundbreaking power and finesse!... Mehr anzeigen
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Thanks to the Dayton Audio SPA2400DSP digitally processed plate amplifier, it's possible to experience professional-level control over your subwoofer. Fine tune your system's low frequency performance, with groundbreaking power and finesse!



  • Make adjustments from the comfort of your favorite listening chair!
  • DSP processing functions include PEQs, HPF, LPF, Phase, Sub Tuning, Mains Delay
  • Built-in Auto Room EQ function and microphone for room calibration
  • Single-knob control panel with high-contrast LCD display and status LEDs
  • Fast, intuitive PC-based GUI software enables full access to the DSP functions
  • iPhone Wi-Fi remote control app for convenient control via smart device
  • Super-efficient Class D output topology ensures tight, high-impact low frequency performance


Product details

Dayton Audio SPA2400DSP 2400W Subwoofer Amplifier with DSP


Dayton Audio's SPA2400DSP true 2 x 1,200 watt digital switching plate amplifier features advanced signal processing control that every audio enthusiast wants. This power and flexibility is accessible via PC-GUI software, our innovative single-knob LCD control panel, or an iPhone feature management app.

Note: The SPA2400DSP amplifiers' outputs produce up to 1,200 watts each giving you a total of 2400 watts although the channels are not bridgeable into a single load.


Feature Control Panel Key

Power ON LED: Green LED when amp is operating normally

Standby (STB) LED: Red when amp is in energy saving "stand by" state

Limit LED (Yellow): Lit when Limiter is active

Feature Setup: Single knob digital actuator with single/double-click enabled with rotary scrolling to navigate the amp's extensive feature menu.

Feature controller display (128 x 64 pixel): Liquid Crystal Matrix (LCM) displays all of the feature menu and status.


Amp System Block Diagram

DSP Processing Block Diagram

Controlling your subwoofer via PC GUI

Read Setting   Read all the settings from amp


Save Settingsto File   Save current settings to PC


Load Settings from File   Load previous saved setting to AMP


Reset to Default Setting   Reset the AMP to factory default


USB Link Indicator: When communication via USB with amp is successful, the GUI's "LED" indicator will light blue. Otherwise, the "LED" stays dark.

Processing Selection: Selecting any icon can effect change in near-real time (NRT) to the amp's audio outputs.

Main Control Screen: Control each DSP processing parameters: Threshold Power, Attack Time, Release, along with 5 digital PEQ bands.

Sub In-Out Monitor: Monitor the input signal and sub output signal levels.

Tools Drop Down Menu: Utilities for amp DSP management, plus Wi-Fi settings.

NOTE: The GUI's graphical trace is NRT editable. Bands can be shaped by cursor or direct input and/or sliders.


Detailed tool tips (shown a-d above):

5 Band Digital PEQ

  1. a) Band On/Off: Bypass or enable by clicking the colorized 1 ~ 5 buttons.
  2. b) Center Frequency (CF): Adjust Center Frequency of each EQ band, 20 ~ 200Hz. Steps: 1Hz.
  3. c) Gain: Adjust the EQ gain (apparent volume), -12 ~ +6dB. Steps: 1dB.
  4. d) Q (EQ Width): Adjust the "Q" value, 0.4 ~ 11. Steps: 0.1Q.


Limiter: Adjust, optimize, save, recall.

  1. a) Threshold: Adjust the limiter "threshold power", 0 ~ -12dB. Steps: 0.1dB
  2. b) Attack: Adjust limiter "attack time". This controls the allowed amount of time signals may be over threshold power. Range of adjustment is 0.1 ~ 100ms (milliseconds). Steps: 0.1ms
  3. c) Release: Adjust limiter's "release time". When limiter is triggered, this control adjusts the time allowed to restore full power. Adjustable range 100 ~ 5000ms. Steps: 0.1ms.


Custom algorithms apply intelligent multi-band room equalization (iEQ™)


The included 20Hz-capable iEQ microphone allows estimation of your room's natural frequency response characteristics and precisely applies PEQ filters to compensate for inevitable response anomalies. Plug the microphone's 3.5mm "male" fitting into the amp panel's "female" jack labeled "Mic In" for this procedure.


Measurement of room acoustics requires moving your EQ mic through the room's listening and/or viewing "sweet spots", typically affixed to a photo tri-pod for best acoustical results. Only three different positions are required, as testing actually captures 12 measurements per location (automatically averaging each result).


Starting iEQ: Selecting the GUI’s button starts custom calibration test tones. After moving your mic to three different listening locations and estimations are finished, the system screen will display the final measured and calculated post-equalized frequency response results.


Controlling the Subwoofer via the Control Panel


Volume, Phase, Low-Pass Filter and all other controls are also accessible via the included rotary control.

Volume (shown above) is selected by a single click, upon which simple rotation allows 1dB adjustment.

A "double-click" brings you back to the main menu. Subsequent rotation of the controller from the main menu navigates you through a series of setup menus.

Each of the "Function frames" at left correspond to the major feature controls on the amp. Each feature control uses the same single/double-click navigation.

Note all detailed sub-features on the next page.

Scroll around your amp and get familiar with its simple click and double click feature rotation.


Sub Remote Control iPhone App now available:


Specifications: • Power output: 1,200 watts RMS into 4 ohms, THD+N <0.1% • Signal to noise ratio: 102 dB (A-weighted) • Input impedance: 22,000 ohms • Power requirements: 110~120/220~240 VAC selectable, 50/60 Hz • Amplifier dimensions: 10.75" H x 9.5" W x 2.875" D; Amplifier cutout: 9.625" H x 8.25" W • Control panel dimensions: 3.5" H x 5.75" W x 1.25"; Control panel cutout: 2.5" H x 4.75" W.

Note: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 required for software to operate properly. You may need to install .NET Framework 3.5 for use on newer versions of Windows (8.1 or 10)




Rated power output
2 x 1200 watts at 4 ohms
Bridged rated power output (RMS)
Minimum load
4 ohms
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
98 dB
1 % THD+N (80 Hz at rated power output)
Distortion bridged
Amplifier classification
Class D
Circuit topology
Frequency response
Input impedance
22k ohms
Input sensitivity
0.28 V
Auto turn-on sensitivity
3 mV
Maximum sampling rate
Speaker output channels
Analog in/out
S/PDIF in/out
1/ -
AES/EBU in/out
Coaxial in/out
RCA in/out
XLR in/out
- /2
Jack in/out
2/ -
USB connection
check configure port only
Network connection
Subwoofer pre-out
Auto on/off
Remote control
App control
Equalizer (EQ) adjustment
Equalizer (EQ) profiles
Phase control
Crossover frequency adjustment
Control software
Dayton Audio SPA DSP Plate Amplifier PC Software and GUI
Windows/Mac compatible
check/ -
Power requirements
115 / 230 VAC
Power inlet connector
Standby power consumption
1 watt
Current limit
Under/over voltage protection
Dimensions (H x W x D)
395 x 241 x 72 mm
Cutout dimensions
365 x 210 mm


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SPA2400DSP 2400W Subwoofer Amplifier with DSP
€ 1.033,02
€ 1.249,95
SPA2400DSP 2400W Subwoofer Amplifier with DSP
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