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        Screw terminal cups for sale

        56 Screw terminal cups for sale

        Get speaker input terminal cups and plates that are constructed to last, with designs that include binding posts, spring-loaded connectors, and even double binding posts for bi-amping. Here at SoundImports, you can buy screw terminal cups in different shapes and sizes.


        What are screw terminal cups?

        A terminal cup is a cup made out of plastic or metal that you attach to the side or back of the speaker cabinet. It has either two or four binding posts. These binding posts then allow the conductor from the outside of the speaker cabinets to transmit the signal to the inside of the speaker through the crossover to the woofer or tweeter.


        What are bi-amp screw terminal cups?

        Bi-amping is a speaker connection technology that powers a single speaker with two channels of amplification. It's typically utilised with a home theatre system's front left and right speakers.

        Bi-amping gives the speaker more useful current. Instead of sharing a single channel's worth of power across the woofer and tweeter parts, each speaker unit gets its own channel. Increasing the overall amplifier power to each speaker allows for more headroom and control, which can result in improved sound.

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