Dayton Audio DSP-408 4x8 DSP Digital Signal Processor for Home and Car Audio

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The DSP-408 features built-in EQ, crossovers, time alignment, and input/output mixing. The most alluring feature of the DSP-408 is the ability to be used in a home or car right out of the box, which makes it the perfect addition to your home or car audio

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Product description

Dayton Audio DSP-408 4x8 DSP Digital Signal Processor for Home and Car Audio

Take control of your audio system with the Dayton Audio DSP-408, a feature-rich 4 input/8 output digital signal processor. The DSP-408 features built-in EQ, crossovers, time alignment, and input/output mixing. The most alluring feature of the DSP-408 is the ability to be used in a home or car right out of the box, which makes it the perfect addition to your home or car audio system.



  • Real-time signal processing for ultimate control
  • Complete audio customization for application specific installations
  • Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • All eight output channels have a fully adjustable 10-band parametric EQ
  • Optional Bluetooth dongle (for streaming and app control) and wired remote available


Product details

Take Control of Your Sound

Dayton Audio DSP-408 4x8 DSP Digital Signal Processor for Home and Car Audio

Ease of use has always had its place in the consumer electronics industry. Dayton Audio has now brought to market a digital signal processor (DSP) that combines versatility, incredible sound quality, and ergonomic graphical user interfaces (GUI).

The most unique feature of the DSP-408 is the ability to use it in a vehicle or home audio system right out of the box. This adaptation allows users to use a single model of DSP for all their audio processing needs.

For many individuals, the pursuit of perfect sound quality is a never-ending quest. When utilizing all the features the DSP-408 offers, the ability to manipulate and improve the sound quality of your audio system is simply astonishing. With access to all the following features, perfecting your audio system is just a matter of time. Connect to your DSP-408 and get to work!


Software Features 

10-band parametric equalizer per channel

High and low shelf EQ per channel

Variable crossovers: High/Low/Band-Pass slopes 0-24 dB, Linkwitz Riley/Butterworth/Bessel

Time delay: 0 to 277 cm or 8.1471 ms adjustable in 1 cm steps

Input/Output mixing to customize the signal path

Phase adjustment

Customizable name/ID for each of the 6 presets

Load, save, recall, or delete preset files

Software controllable level attenuation on the preamp and high-level inputs

Minimum/maximum voltage protection

Reverse voltage protection

Mute circuit and delay


Windows-Based GUI

The DSP-408 is easily controlled via a Windows application developed by Dayton Audio. This application features all the tools you could need to make your audio system sound its very best, while still being easy to use.



Windows-Based GUI Android App with Bluetooth Connectivity (Optional)

In the modern age of mobile devices, breaking out the bulky laptop to make modifications to your sound system can seem like a chore. That's why Dayton Audio has given you the option to connect to your DSP via your Android mobile device using the DSP-BT4.0. This Bluetooth 4.0 dongle allows users to completely tune their DSP via the mobile DSP-408 app. In addition, the user can also use their mobile Bluetooth device as an audio source!



Wired Remote Control (Optional)

The allure of a wired remote control is obvious when installing in a mobile environment. Being able to effortlessly control the volume and which preset you are using is an invaluable feature. To satisfy the need for the customers installing the DSP-408 in a mobile environment, Dayton has offered the DSP-RC as an optional accessory.


Package Contents 

1 x DSP-408 Processor
1 x Power Adapter (12V, 1.5A)
1 x High-Level/Power Input Harness (16-pin)
1 x USB A to B Cable (10')
2 x Mounting Brackets
4 x Mounting Bracket Machine Screws
4 x Mounting Screws
4 x Rubber Cushion Pads
1 x Introduction Card


Note: To update your DSP's firmware and software, please watch the video below for instructions.

Note: after you download the new software, do not upload presets from a previous software version. Write out your settings and recreate them in the new software.


Specifications for: DSP-408 4x8 DSP Digital Signal Processor for Home and Car Audio

  • Device type SPEC Device type Boxed
  • Device serie SPEC Device serie -
  • DSP chip SPEC DSP chip Analog Devices ADAU1701
  • Internal processing resolution & sample rate SPEC Internal processing resolution & sample rate 24 bit / 48 kHz
  • Input / ouput configuration SPEC Input / ouput configuration 4 / 8
  • View all specifications
  • Audio input connectivity RCA (low-level)
    16 pin wiring harnas (high-level)
  • Audio output connectivity RCA
  • Max input level 3.2 V (RCA)
    8 V (high-level)
  • Max output level 3.5 V
  • Input impedance 20k ohms (RCA)
    180 ohms (high level)
  • Output impedance 50 ohms
  • Calibration software DSP-408 Windows software
    Android and iOS App (optional)

  • IIR
  • FIR -
  • Dirac Live® -
  • DSP presets -
  • Impulse response correction -
  • Infrared remote learning -
  • Windows / Mac compatible / -
  • UMIK-1 included -
  • Room EQ wizard support -
  • Dimensions 166 x 116 x 26 mm
  • Power 9 - 17 VDC



User reviews 4.6 / 5 Reviews: (10)

  • JA By Jan Alstrup on 04-10-2020 11:14

    4 / 5

    For the price it is actually a 5 star product, but it could easy be made better.

    I use this filter for a 3 way horn system, LCR in a hometheater, with 8 outputs i am almost there.

    It looses the USB connection to a windows PC, replug it and you are good to go.
    More serously, if you set the high pass filter to defeat, there is still a filter function present, so set the filter function to 6dB/octave, and then Defeat for best case scenario. I could not grasp why my speakers suddenly rolled of sooner with this component.

    Be carefull with the link function it copies settings, so if you linc a tweeter to a sub/midrange setting it could be last tweet... It is a smart function when you want a stereo setup or other speakers with same settings.

    There is no LR 48dB/octave settings, 24dB/octave is max.

    What i miss most is the posibilty of importing PEQ filters, that is a manual proces with this device.

    There is a bit of noise issues, it is better in some aspect than the ballanced minidsp...but in my horn system with 110dB sensitivity it is quit audible...It helps alot to connect unused RCA terminals with a cable to your amp, that lowers the humm noise by 6dB or so...

    For the price it is a great product, nothing on the market comes close, and for most people it is plenty good. I think the humming issue will not be audible for most people, and maybe i need to check for better RCA cables....

  • JL By Jacek L. on 17-09-2020 11:09

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • MS By Magnus S on 15-08-2020 13:25

    4 / 5

    For 180 EUR it is hard to beat!

    Is it perfect? No, not by any means...

    The iOS app is more or less useless on an iPhone SE so if you don't have the need to switch streaming on/off or setting different profiles, there is no point buying the Bluetooth dongle. I need to set different profiles for driving alone and for having kids back in the car so that is what I will use it for.

    The Windows app is OK, but it would have been nice to see live input levels and I would prefer to be able to disable both streaming and volume control so that it can't be set by the iOS app. I want to calibrate my system and then it should stay exactly as I intended.

    It is a shame the Dayton Audio haven't continued to develop and improve the apps. Both the iOS and the Windows version are quite old. The iOS app design is so poor that I can't even place my fingers on the correct control, it is also very difficult to adjust the sliders due to the small scale. Why not allow me to click one channels and be able to enter filter parameters in a simple way?

    The Windows user interface is, however, quite clear and it is simple enough to do the adjustments I need to do.

    The wiring harness is very tiny and I would prefer to have a separate plug for power and speakers (I'm using RCA input). Rather than an inline fuse holder, I would like to have seen a fuse in the case.

    The general build quality seems good and RCA connectors also seems of good quality. The mounting flanges could definitely be a bit larger or ideally integrated in the case.

    Sound wise, I can't really review it yet since I want to play around with the Windows software a bit more before doing some actual tuning. I haven't had any problems with hum or noise as others have reported so at least it hasn't made my system sound worse!. (I'm not using the remote control which some believe is the problem.)

    Conclusion: Worth the money, but be aware of its shortcomings!

  • RV By Russell V on 12-08-2020 17:45

    4 / 5

    This DSP has a good amount of options, pretty much everything you could need for a complete car install or stereo home system. The build quality is also good. The bluetooth accessory is worth it, makes it easier to tune, especially in car. I would give it 5 stars, but the reason I'm knocking off a star I installed this in my car, and it had sent so much alternator whine through my speakers it was crazy. So if you have the same problem, what you have to do is buy something like a CUI PYBE20-Q24-S12-T, which will isolate the power coming into the unit. There is also a "pop" sound on your speakers when it turns on and off, which can be fixed with delay circuits. With these additions it really is a great DSP, but I feel like it should have come with them, or at least be available as extras, I had to figure this all out for myself, it would have been a better experience if I hadn't had to.

  • MW By Matthias W. on 07-04-2020 18:21

    4 / 5

    Das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei.
    Es gibt einem viele Möglichkeiten Boxen im Heimbereich aktiv zu nutzen.Der Netzteiladapter ist leider Schrott.Und der Bluetooth-Adapter ist im Verhältnis zum Gerät viel zu teuer.

  • RV By Rutger V. on 08-02-2020 15:04

    5 / 5

    Werkt helemaal zoals ik had gehoopt twee weg los voor aangestuurd(tweeters en Mids) , kickbass in de deuren(2x6.5 subs stereo) en lage subs (2x 12"mono)achterin alles
    Klinkt geweldig en werkt makkelijk via een laptop

  • NC By Nick Constantine on 07-01-2020 19:22

    5 / 5

    my uk based company Stylz Kustom has purchased many of these processors for a multitude of different types of car audio projects,and for a budget processor it punches way above its pricetag!<br />
    the software is very easy to use,i would recommend using a laptop for the initial set up as its only 2 pages,the very handy app for phone or tablet "tweaking" after is a big selling point,along with the dual master bluetooth.<br />
    Overall its a good solution for my customers and not overly complicated,if its your first processor.<br />
    Nick Constantine<br />
    Emma Benelux C.E.O.

  • WS By Wiebe S. on 16-09-2018 10:39

    5 / 5

    After experimenting with modifying analog loudspeaker filters in my high end speakers using expensive capacitors and coils, this DSP came as a beautiful surprise. No matter how good the components in your filter, the DSP simply sounds better. Much better. The old analog speaker filter was the bottleneck, at least in my system (Rotel RSP-1098, Rotel RMB-1095, Rotel RB-1090, Vandamme 55 low cap interlinks, Supra Ply 3.4s, tuned Marantz NA-8005 media player). I strongly suspect this applies to audio systems in general, especially with standard grade filter components. I highly recommend this DSP!

  • MD By Michael D. on 26-08-2018 13:58

    5 / 5

    Sehr empfehlenswerter Soundprozessor.
    Von der Haptik bis hin zur PC-Software als auch APP. Programmierung sehr einfach und intuitiv. Kleines erstes Setup aus Zuspieler, Verstärker und Lautsprecher aufgebaut. Software und APP auf Samsung Tablet installiert. Und los ging's mit der einfachen Bedienung. Klang des DSPs ist TOP! Sehr erfreulich, der DSP ist absolut rauschfrei. In den kommenden Tagen baue ich den DSP in meinen PKW ein und Berichte dann weiter.

    Bis jetzt viel Kaufempfehlung und 5 Sterne.

    Mein Huawei P10 Lite mag sich nicht über Bluetooth koppeln. Das liegt definitiv nicht am DSP! Dies ist ein bekanntes Huawei Problem. Daher auch keine Abzüge bei meiner Bewertung.

  • FD By Frank D. on 15-08-2018 17:40

    5 / 5

    No description was given

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DSP-408 4x8 DSP Digital Signal Processor for Home and Car Audio

DSP-408 4x8 DSP Digital Signal Processor for Home and Car Audio

€ 179,95

SoundImports 9,6 / 10 - 2.351 Reviews @ Kiyoh
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