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        Multimeters for sale

        4 Multimeters for sale
        LAB1 three-in-one lab unit
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        € 140,45
        € 169,95
        DVM892N multimeter 24 ranges
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        € 37,15
        € 44,95
        DMT-4010RMS true RMS multimeter
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        € 132,19
        € 159,95
        DMT-2010 multimeter
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        € 53,68
        € 64,95

        What is a multimeter?

        The multimeter is an important device from our workshop tools category for technicians and professionals in the field of electricity. This measuring instrument can measure voltage, resistance (or impedance), and current; it's also known as a volt-ohm milliammeter (VOM) because it has both amathery function along with ohmmeter readings on top. Some models offer additional properties such like temperature or capacitance too! Here at SoundImports, you can be the best multimeters for audio electronics from our premium brand Monacor!


        How to use a multimeter

        Digital multimeters combine the testing capabilities of single-task meters—the voltmeter (for measuring volts), ampere meter (amps) and ohm's gauge. Often they include several additional specialized features or advanced options to meet your needs as an electrician  if you have specific requirements then there is no doubt that this will be available with different models tailored just for what may suit best depending on how much time you want to spend looking at various types


        The front of a multimeter usually includes four components:

        • Display: Where measurement results can be viewed.
        • Buttons: For selecting a variety of functions; the functions vary by model.
        • Dial (or a rotary switch): For selecting primary measurement values (volts, amps, ohms).
        • Input jacks: Where test leads can be inserted


        The test leads of a multimeter are flexible, insulated wires that you attach to  the DMM. The red test lead is for positive, the black one for negative. The test leads function as the conductor from the item being tested to the multimeter. The probe tips on each lead are used for testing circuits.

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