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        Phoenix Type for sale

        8 Phoenix Type for sale
        Phoenix Type Connector 2-Pole 5mm Pitch
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        Phoenix Type Connector 3-Pole 5mm Pitch
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        Phoenix Type Connector 4-Pole 5mm Pitch
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        Phoenix Type Connector 6-Pole 5mm Pitch
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        SSPC4 PHX Connector 4-Pin
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        € 3,30
        € 3,99
        SSZH 8-Zone Hub
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        € 34,67
        € 41,95
        SSQJ Outdoor Junction Kit
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        € 32,19
        € 38,95

        A phoenix connector, sometimes known as a Euroblock connector, is a combination of extra-low voltage disconnectable (or pluggable) connector and terminal block often used for microphone- and line-level audio signals. Although numerous manufacturers provide compatible devices, it was named after one of the manufacturers, Phoenix Contact, a German business whose US operations were established in Pennsylvania in 1981.


        What is a phoenix connector?

        The phoenix connector is a solderless connector that clamps connecting wires with screw terminals. The entire assembly is then plugged into a matching socket in the electrical device once the cables have been installed. The signal wires can be easily detached from or connected to the electronic equipment with Phoenix connectors, rather than unscrewing and re-screwing each wire individually, as with screw terminals.

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