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        Litz wire wax coils for sale

        31 Litz wire wax coils for sale

        Jantzen Audio's Litz Wire Wax Coil is an audio grade inductor that is genuinely innovative. The Litz Wire Wax Coil from Jantzen Audio is the only wax-impregnated Litz wire coil on the market and was co-engineered in Poland with Audiothlon™. Audiothlon™ was searching for an inductor that fit somewhere between wire-based and foil-based inductors in terms of price and efficiency.

        Do Litz Wire Wax Coils have advantages over other inductors?

        Yes, they have. Litz Wire Coils' key advantage is that they have all of the same benefits as foil-based inductors but are smaller and less expensive. As a result, depending on the crossover configuration, Litz wire coils may be a suitable replacement for foil-based inductors. Inductors made with Litz wire have less skin effect and a lower DCR, allowing for more complex headroom than inductors made with a single wire. Besides that, wax impregnation ensures the windings' purity and significantly decreases unnecessary distortion and microphonic effect.

        In case you want to learn more about inductors, capacitors and/or crossover components in general, feel free to check out our blog post!

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