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        Horns & waveguides for sale

        22 Horns & waveguides for sale
        Waveguide WG 148 R
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        € 16,49
        € 19,95
        Waveguide WG 220x150
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        € 16,90
        € 20,45
        HL14-25 Exponential Horn
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        € 12,93
        € 15,65
        HC23-25 Exponential Horn
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        € 18,55
        € 22,45
        HM17-25 Bi-Radial Horn
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        € 11,53
        € 13,95
        HM11-25 Exponential Horn
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        € 12,36
        € 14,95
        HL14-50N Exponential Horn
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        € 37,15
        € 44,95

        Horns are an essential component of high-efficiency audio systems. Their efficiency and pattern control combination makes them nearly indispensable tools for projecting midrange and high frequencies, especially over longer distances. A properly designed and implemented horn will deliver focused, predictable performance to its designated zone of coverage.

        There are horn designs available in various shapes, sizes, coverage characteristics, and construction materials. Besides selecting a horn according to its intended purpose, it is necessary to match the horn physically with the mounting requirements of a given tweeter or mid-range woofer. Here at SoundImports, you can buy horn and waveguides from our premium brands Dayton Audio, Monacor and Visaton.


        Is there a difference between horn and waveguides?

        Yes, there is. A horn is a system where the throat is much smaller than the surface of the diaphragm. The surface between the diaphragm and the horn throat is called the compression chamber. The small horn throat has a very high acoustic impedance. It can derive extremely high acoustic power levels from the diaphragm but at the expense of high distortion due to the compression chamber's extremely high SPL (Sound Pressure Level).

        On the other hand, Waveguides are systems where the horn throat is similar in size to the surface area of the diaphragm. Without a compression chamber, the diaphragm radiates directly into the horn's neck. The rise in acoustic impedance and SPL (Sound Pressure Level) at the diaphragm are both moderate. Waveguides also achieve lower distortion than the compression chamber/horn system.

        Want to learn more about waveguides? Check out our waveguide blog!

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