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        Glue clamps & spreaders for sale

        12 Glue clamps & spreaders for sale
        34006 Spring Clamp | 15 CM
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        € 5,17
        € 6,25
        Telecom Impact Tool
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        € 12,36
        € 14,95
        32081 Clamp | 90 CM
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        € 18,55
        € 22,45
        32078 Clamp | 60 CM
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        € 15,91
        € 19,25
        32057  Clamp | 30 CM
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        € 14,01
        € 16,95
        34009 Spring Clamp | 22 CM
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        € 6,57
        € 7,95

        Are clamps and spreaders necessary?

        It is safe to say that every craftsman that once worked on a project with clamps or spreaders, does not want to go back to work without them. Clamps and spreaders make your DIY project so much more stress-free and eliminate many frustration factors, such as slippery DIY cabinet walls. Here at SoundImports, you can buy clamps and spreaders in various sizes from our well-known premium-brand Grip Tools!


        Where is the difference between clamps and spreaders?

        Spring clamps, also known as pinch clamps, are affordable and handy for a variety of light-duty clamping operations, such as clamping plywood or MDF and work by exerting force through spring tension.

        Bar clamps are the ultimate all-rounder since they are quick and easy to use, hold strongly, and usually have big jaw faces with buffers that won't damage the wood. Spreaders can be operated with one hand, and Grip Tools' models have reversible jaws for pushing components apart. To release the bar and allow it to slide freely, press a tiny trigger catch. They are perfect for heavy-duty jobs such as holding your speaker cabinets in place while the glue is drying.

        Feeling like starting another DIY Audio project, but don’t know what to build? Check out our DIY Audio Gallery for some inspiration!

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