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        Rectifier board for sale

        3 Rectifier board for sale

        What is a rectifier board?

        A rectifier is an electrical device that transforms alternating current (AC), which reverses direction on a regular basis, to direct current (DC), which only flows in one direction. Rectifiers have a wide range of applications, although they are most commonly used in DC power supply and high-voltage direct-current power transmission systems. Rectification can be used for purposes other than generating direct current for use as a power source. Here at SoundImports, you can buy rectifier boards from our premium brand Sure Electronics!


        Rectifier board for amplifier

        A rectifier board, as previously said, converts AC input voltage into positive and negative DC voltage outputs. SoundImports' rectifier boards have sturdy terminal connections, 1/2" standoffs, and a multi-play PCB, making them ideal for powering amplifier modules that require huge symmetrical power supplies.

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