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        Crossover Resistors for sale

        745 Crossover Resistors for sale
        MR10-2,20 | 2,20 Ω | 10 W | 2%
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        € 2,06
        € 2,49
        MRES20-10 | 10 Ω | 20 W | 2%
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        € 11,12
        € 13,45
        DNR-20 | 20 Ω | 10 W | 2%
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        € 1,23
        € 1,49

        Buy resistors

        If you are looking for the perfect resistor for your audio circuit, SoundImports offers a wide range of top-quality fixed resistors from trusted brands such as Dayton Audio, Jantzen Audio, Monacor and Mundorf. Explore our selection and find the component that meets your specifications.


        What is a resistor?

        A resistor is a crucial component in any electronic device, designed to regulate current flow and distribute voltage within a circuit. These passive components are the building blocks for tuning signals and modulating the electric current in your audio equipment, ensuring clear and defined sound reproduction.


        The function of a resistor

        Resistors are used in a variety of applications to create the desired resistance in the power wave. From adjusting signal levels to reducing current and distributing voltages, the right resistor is essential for achieving the optimal performance of your speakers and amplifiers.


        What is the difference between a resistor and a resistor?

        Any electronic component with a fixed resistance, such as 1 ohm, 10 ohms or 100 ohms, is called a resistor. The potential difference passed through a conductor determines how much current flows through the resistor.


        What is the difference between a fixed and a variable resistor?

        Fixed resistors have a resistance value that does not change, while variable resistors can be adjusted to change the resistance, such as in volume controls. At SoundImports, you can find reliable fixed resistors for your crossover circuits.


        What is the difference between a wire-wound resistor and a metal oxide resistor?

        Wire-wound resistors are made by wrapping wire around a ceramic, plastic or fibreglass core. They are ideal for high-power applications and offer stability at high temperatures. Metal oxide resistors, on the other hand, use metal oxide film for better heat tolerance and stability.


        For more information on the basics of crossover components, visit our blog basics of crossover components. Need help choosing the right resistor for your project? Our experts will be happy to help you via our contact page.

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