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        SEAS tweeter drivers for sale

        23 SEAS tweeter drivers for sale
        1.5" | 6 Ω
        Exotic T35 - X3-06 Dome Tweeter
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        What are the unique features of SEAS tweeters?

        SEAS, a leading name in high-end audio components, offers tweeters that are characterized by their accurate sound reproduction and consistent quality. Known for their smooth, extended frequency response, SEAS tweeters such as the Prestige 19TFF1 - H0737 and Excel T29CF002 - E0040-06S deliver unmatched clarity in the highest frequency ranges. Their commitment to quality is evident in the choice of high-performance materials such as pre-coated Sonotex fabric diaphragms and advanced designs that result in low distortion even at low crossover frequencies.


        How do SEAS tweeters compare to other brands?

        SEAS tweeters offer a unique combination of finesse and power. With features such as under-hanging voice coils and innovative magnet systems, they offer lower distortion than many other brands. The precision engineering behind SEAS tweeters, such as the Excel T25CF002 - E0011, ensures high power handling and high sensitivity without sacrificing sound quality. This makes them a top choice for DIY audiophiles and professional sound engineers alike.


        What technical specifications do SEAS tweeters have?

        SEAS tweeters are designed with engineering precision, resulting in impressive specifications such as a power output of 90 watts RMS and sensitivity of 88 dB to 92.5 dB at 2.83V/1m. The tweeters, such as the 27TBCD/GB-DXT - H1499-06, feature compensating magnets that increase sensitivity and reduce magnetic stray fields. This makes them suitable for use close to CRT displays, while the robust back chambers eliminate unwanted resonances and provide heat dissipation from the magnet system.


        Why choose SEAS tweeters for your next project?

        With a wide range of models available from SoundImports, there is a SEAS tweeter to suit every audio enthusiast. Explore the range of SEAS tweeters at SoundImports today and find the perfect match for your audio needs. With SEAS, you are choosing a premium listening experience that will exceed your expectations.

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