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        DIY subwoofer kits for sale

        21 DIY subwoofer kits for sale
        8'' | active
        8" GRS subwoofer kit
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        € 413,18
        € 499,95
        8'' | passive
        8" subwoofer kit
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        € 206,57
        € 249,95
        7'' | active
        7" Epique subwoofer kit
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        € 495,83
        € 599,95

        Go for the ultimate sound and build your own subwoofer with the DIY subwoofer kits from SoundImports. We offer subwoofer packages for subwoofers from 6½ to 18 inches. The packages are complete and offer you high-quality subwoofers with deep bass for optimal sound. Our DIY subwoofers are produced by the brand Denovo Audio. Thanks to the high-quality wooden kits from Denovo Audio, you will enjoy years of (sound) pleasure from your homemade subwoofer.


        Complete subwoofer DIY package

        SoundImports offers you complete packages with which you can build your own subwoofer. The packages contain high-quality woofers, a sturdy cabinet, and good amplifiers. With the complete DIY subwoofer packages from SoundImports, you can build your own subwoofer for optimal sound and with a look the way you want it.


        High-quality DIY subwoofer cabinets

        The subwoofer kits are complete with matching subwoofer cabinets. The cabinets are precisely tailored, and the necessary holes and milling edges are already in place. You can easily assemble the casing. The subwoofer cabinets are of high quality and have a high degree of rigidity. They, therefore, offer you a fantastic sound experience. You can finish the cabinet according to your own wishes so that your subwoofer becomes exactly the way you want it.


        DIY subwoofers with the best sound

        You can choose from different DIY Subwoofer packages. All packages are equipped with quality woofers ranging from 6.5 inches to 18 inches. We have subwoofer packages with one or two woofers. Choose the package that suits you and get started building your subwoofer.


        Build other speakers in addition to your Subwoofer

        In addition to building subwoofers, you will also find DIY speaker kits at SoundImports for building speakers and portable speakers. This allows you to create your own sound that fully meets your wishes and taste.

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