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        Speaker gasketing tape for sale

        7 Speaker gasketing tape for sale

        Gasket tapes are rolls of adhesive-backed silicone foam or a closed-cell silicone sheet. Our customers cut the gasket tape to length, peel off the backing, and adhere it to the desired surface. Here at SoundImports, one can find different sizes of gasket tape from premium-brand such as Monacor.


        What is gasket tape used for?

        Big enclosure gaskets, door gaskets, high-temperature masking, NEMA panel gaskets, and cushioning strips are all popular applications. However, in our case, gasket tape is perfect for speaker mounting! Our specially made foam tape is ideal for sealing drivers, terminals, handles, horn lenses, and any other component that needs to be placed in your cabinet! The dark charcoal closed-cell PVC foam removes unsightly bright-coloured seams, and the high-tack adhesive vigorously adheres to all speaker frames.


        How do you use gasket tape?

        How to apply gasket tape differs from customer to customer. Some recommend applying the gasket tape around the speaker cabinet's cutout; some recommend applying it directly onto the driver. Regardless of how you plan on applying the gasket tape, the primary importance is to apply it correctly. An uneven application can lead to an unsatisfying result since the gap between driver and cutout would not be fully sealed.

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