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        Iron core inductor crossover coils for sale

        478 Iron core inductor crossover coils for sale

        An iron core coil is made of laminated iron connecting the winding, as the name suggests. Also, iron core coils have a considerable size advantage due to their very high magnetic permeability. These coils provide a robust and cost-effective alternative to air core coils by maintaining the same amount of magnetic flux by using a much smaller size. However, iron core coils are only recommended for bass and mid-sections on crossovers.

        Here at SoundImports, one can choose, compare and buy iron core coils from well-known brands such as Dayton Audio, Jantzen Audio and Mundorf.


        What does an iron core do?

        The inductance of an iron core varies based on the positioning and area of the iron in the core. When a capacitor is added to the circuit, it generates a "tuned" circuit that works similarly to a pendulum. As the magnetic field decays, the iron also aids in the dissipation of heat generated by current travelling through it. To conduct the same work, an air core is less efficient, generates more heat, and necessitates thicker wire and more turns. Therefore, an iron core coil is the cheaper alternative to an air core coil.


        Do iron core coils offer advantages compared to other inductors?

        Yes, there is a range of advantages to using iron core coils.

        One example would be that iron core coils have a low stray magnetic field, which can help solve various issues.  When stray magnetic fields are strong enough, they can disrupt surrounding power grids and cause eddy currents in steel.

        Second, since Iron Core Coils need fewer twists, they are more powerful and cost-effective to manufacture, making them an overall cheap alternative to some other coils such as copper foil coils, Litz wire wax coils, and toroidal coils.

        Third, as already mentioned, Iron Core Coils have a more compact design, which reduces the amount of space required for various applications. This compact design feature also makes it easier to enclose.

        They also offer a very low DCR, which does not affect the driver damping factor or contribute to performance loss. Compared to coils with ferrite cores, the non-ferrite core material has significantly lower hysteresis while providing significantly higher power handling.

        In case you want to learn more about inductors, capacitors and/or crossover components in general, feel free to check out our blog post!

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