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    Dayton Audio BST-1 High Power Pro Tactile Bass Shaker 50 Watts

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    Product description

    Add a 4th dimension of sensory experience to your home theater by installing a BST-1 Bass Shaker from Dayton Audio! Start feeling what you’ve been missing!



    • The ultimate home theater gadget!
    • Add realism to your movies, games, and music
    • Delivers incredible impact without high sound pressure levels
    • Easy to install onto any flat surface


    Product details

    Dayton Audio BST-1 High Power Pro Tactile Bass Shaker 50 Watts


    The human ear has the ability to hear a wide range of sounds, however, some sound is simply too low to hear and must be felt through the body. Feeling this extremely low frequency sound adds a new dimension to your listening, gaming, and movie experiences.


    With a Dayton Audio BST-1 Bass Shaker installed in your home or auto sound system, you’ll feel those low bass notes or the thundering weight of a dinosaur’s foot slamming against the ground as it approaches. Your favorite action movies will come to life as you feel the cannon blasts and explosions impacting your body! If you’re into die-hard gaming the BST-1 Bass Shaker is the perfect addition to your gaming chair or couch! The power and impact of a football tackle puts you on the field and in the game! Feel the kick of your proton gun as it fires against the enemy!


    Unlike subwoofers, the BST-1 Bass Shaker will not overload your listening area, and the perceived loudness of the BST-1 Bass Shaker improves listening at lower sound volumes. The engineers at Dayton Audio designed the BST-1 Bass Shaker to reproduce accurate, tactile sensations from your music and movie sound tracks. When a BST-1 Bass Shaker is installed on a resonant surface, it increases the portion of tactile sound as being "felt" beyond what is normally produced by subwoofers and ordinary speakers. Conventional subwoofers are traditionally considered optimized when you can feel rather than hear the bass. By using a BST-1 Bass Shaker in your system, this goal becomes easier to achieve -- enabling the subwoofer to perform at a more natural sound level.


    A specially formulated nylon/fiber spider and the selection of quality hardware components allow the BST-1's internal motor structure to not only outperform the competition but increase the product lifespan. Simply put, with a Dayton Audio BST-1 Bass Shaker you can count on years and years' worth of amazing blasts, shakes, rolls, rattles, rumbles, thumps, bangs, and bumps!


    Connecting a Single BST-1 Dayton Audio Bass Shaker


    The impedance of the BST-1 Bass Shaker is 4 ohms. When used in a single unit configuration it must be hooked up to an amplifier that is either stereo or bridged mono, the same way you would connect a subwoofer.


    Please consult the amplifier manual for details regarding the impedance rating of your amplifier.

    Connecting Multiple BST-1 Dayton Audio Bass Shakers

    Two or four Dayton Audio BST-1 Bass Shakers can be used in situations where more bass energy is desired or in larger applications. Connecting two in Series configuration will raise the impedance to 8 ohms, connecting two in Parallel will lower the impedance to 2 ohms, and wiring four BST-1 Bass Shakers in Series-Parallel will keep the overall impedance to 4 ohms. Again, always consult your amplifier’s owners manual to verify it has the power capability that produce the wattage safely at various impedances.

    WARNING: Do NOT exceed 50 watts RMS per Bass Shaker multiplied by the number of Shakers (example: 50 x 4 = 200 Watts RMS)


    Installation Notes

    HOME – Mounting the Bass Shaker to chairs or couches that are not fixed to the floor will provide the greatest effects. The Bass Shaker's energy will impact the user’s body rather than travel through the furniture and disperse the energy into the floor. Isolating the furniture from the floor is highly recommended by using pads or rubber feet. Find a solid mounting area for your Bass Shaker(s) underneath and/or on the rear of the furniture’s construction. Use four wood screws or stingers to mount the Bass Shaker to the structure. Should no solid mount exist it is recommended that one be constructed using hardwood or plywood. Try to avoid fabric or padding coming into contact with the Bass Shaker. It is important the Bass Shaker makes full contact with a solid flat surface. Recommended wire gauge is 14-16 AWG speaker wire.


    AUTO – Mounting the Bass Shaker under the seats is highly recommended rather than on the seat itself. Move (or remove) your seat forward as far as possible, and identify the spot under the seat that vibrates the most by knocking on the flooring using a rubber mallet or soft hammer. Again, ensuring the Bass Shaker comes into full contact with the floor surface is critical to the performance of the Bass Shaker. Wiring in advance of the installation is recommended. Ensure your wire is without kinks or bends and that no bare wire is touching metal. Use four steel screws or stingers to mount the Bass Shaker to the floor of your vehicle. Recommended wire gauge is 14-16 AWG speaker wire.

    WARNING: Always check under carpeted locations and recheck the mounting area so as to not cut or drill into any existing electrical wiring, airbag sensors, hydraulics, brakes, gas, or fuel lines.



    • 80 Hz or under low pass crossover suggested to reduce the possibility of high frequency sounds
    • Recommended Amplifiers: MCA2250E for single Bass Shakers, Dayton Audio APA150 or Dayton Audio SPA250 for 2 - 4 Bass Shaker installations. For larger installations we recommend the Dayton Audio SPA1000 or SA1000.


    Product Specifications


    Low Frequency Bass Shaker

    Housing type:

    High Grade Aluminum Housing


    4 ohms

    Power Handling (RMS)

    50 Watts


    1,75 kg / 3.75 lbs


    5.75" diameter x 2.5" high 



    Article number


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    Absolutely brilliant. I was sceptical at first whether this would have the effect I was after, but I can safely say that I am blown away, but I expected nothing less from Dayton Audio! I've attached one of these to the front-underside of my gaming chair, and got some heavy duty switches to switch between my subwoofer and the shaker, and honestly.... I'm almost preferring the shaker just because of how DIRECT it feels. You feel absolutely everything; every drum beat, every bass note, every intricate bit of low end rumble that you can't even feel with subwoofers without having absolutely gigantic ones in a home theatre. This is obviously not for "sound" quality, but if you're looking for something to add a sense of depth to your current setup, or are looking for something to get more immersed in content/games with headphones on, this is by far the best thing you can get outside of a VR headset and one of those body-mounted tactile transducers. I will likely get a second one of these at some point to experiment with stereo shakers. Oh, before I close off this review, I must mention that this device rapidly trails off in the mid-upper bass region, even without an LPF. Infrasonics will absolutely kick your but, but I guess the mass is so great that stuff up at 80Hz and beyond just can't move fast enough to generate the same effective amplitude, so kick transients will suffer. Just keep that in mind!
    By Melissa O'C on 30 August 2021
    5 of 5
    Heb een grote race simulator waar ik ervaring heb met de originele Buttkickers en een ander bekend merk. Deze Dayton wel eens op Amerikaanse forums tegen gekomen maar nooit eerder gekocht. en dat had ik véél eerder moeten doen. zijn groter dan ik dacht, zuiverder en sterker dan ik dacht en veel goedkoper dan zijn concurrenten.
    By Gertjan O. on 13 May 2021
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    BST-1 High Power Pro Tactile Bass Shaker 50 Watts
    € 45,41
    € 54,95
    BST-1 High Power Pro Tactile Bass Shaker 50 Watts
    >10 In stock: delivery time 1-4 business days
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