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    DSP modules

    DSP modules – to make your music sound even better

    Speakers do not sound all the same. Unfortunately, several factors do influence the sound quality of speakers. For example, the distance between speakers but also between a s Show more





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    DSP-408 | 4x8 channels | Car & Home audio
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    € 148,72
    € 179,95
    2x4 | Boxed

    miniDSP 2x4 | Boxed

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    € 82,60
    € 99,95
    2x4 HD | DAC | Boxed
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    € 206,57
    € 249,95
    DDRC-24 | DAC | Dirac Live
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    € 388,39
    € 469,95
    nanoDIGI 2x8 | Boxed
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    € 165,25
    € 199,95
    C-DSP 6x8 | Boxed | Car audio
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    € 289,21
    € 349,95
    C-DSP 8x12 | Boxed | Car audio
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    € 561,94
    € 679,95
    4x10 HD | Multi-Channel | Boxed
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    € 553,68
    € 669,95
    10x10 HD | Multi-Channel | Boxed
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    € 661,12
    € 799,95
    nanoAVR DL |  Dirac Live | Multi-Channel
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    € 619,79
    € 749,95
    DDRC-22D | Dirac Live | Digital I/O
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    € 785,08
    € 949,95
    DDRC-88A | Dirac Live | Multi-Channel | Analog I/O
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    € 1.074,34
    € 1.299,95
    OpenDRC-DI | Digital I/O
    In stock ()
    € 380,12
    € 459,95
    DDRC-88D | Dirac Live | Multi-Channel | Digital I/O
    In stock ()
    € 991,69
    € 1.199,95
    SHD | Dirac live | Audio-Streamer
    In stock ()
    € 1.322,27
    € 1.599,95
    WI-DG | Wifi/Ethernet to USB bridge
    In stock ()
    € 99,13
    € 119,95
    U-DIO8 | Multichannel | USB to AES-EBU/SPDIF interface
    In stock ()
    € 330,54
    € 399,95
    SHD Studio | Dirac Live | Audio-Streamer | Digital I/O
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    € 909,05
    € 1.099,95
    HA-DSP | 24Bit/192kHz | DSP | Headphone amplifier
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    € 330,54
    € 399,95
    C-DSP 8x12 DL | Boxed | Car audio
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    € 991,69
    € 1.199,95
    SHD Power | All In One Amplifier
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    € 1.487,56
    € 1.799,95
    DSP-LF | Low Frequency | DSP Controller
    In stock ()
    € 66,07
    € 79,95

    DSP modules – to make your music sound even better

    Speakers do not sound all the same. Unfortunately, several factors do influence the sound quality of speakers. For example, the distance between speakers but also between a speaker and the walls, the floor and the listener! Here at SoundImports, you can buy DSP modules from the brands Dayton Audio and MiniDSP, known for its user-friendly interface DSP's.


    What is a DSP module?

    A DSP module is a device that is placed between the source unit and an amplifier and takes digital signals and processes them into other digital signals. In simple terms, it can be said that a DSP module takes sound and adjusts it to make it sound even better! Most DSP boards are provided with high-end DAC/ADC units (or chips), high-end in- and outputs like SPDIF or Toslink, I2S in- and outputs, or balanced & unbalanced connectivity RCA's.


    What does a DSP module do?

    A DSP module can incorporate a delay into one of a pair's speaker so that the sound arrives at its destination simultaneously if, in case of different placements due to spatial compromises. This is also known as time alignment. Even though the delay is less than half a second, it impacts the quality of the sound. A DSP module can also control active crossovers. An ordinary speaker can represent 20 Hz up to 20.000 Hz, the general human hearing range. Crossovers determine what range of frequencies gets transferred to which speaker. This makes sure that the low bass frequencies will not be played by a tweeter and high frequencies not by a woofer. It is also possible to "fine-tune" an individual speaker with an equalizer with a DSP module. With an equalizer, it is possible to adjust certain levels/ ranges of frequencies even though those frequencies are in the range of the speaker. This makes it possible to limit frequencies that are playing too loud and are therefore too dominant or boost frequencies playing too soft and deserve more attention. This makes the music sound even more as it is meant to be. Another function of a DSP module is that one can manage the level of each speaker. A woofer is more powerful than a tweeter, and it can happen relatively fast that a woofer suppresses a tweeter even though they "run" on the same volume.


    When do you use a DSP module?

    With a DSP module, it is possible to level speakers out to "work in harmony" with one another and prevent that one speaker suppresses the other. There is a wide variety of what one can build with DSP modules - building your own speakers, adding them into a DIY amplifier; you name it. The miniDSP 2x8 kit is an excellent example for running your own speakers, or even 3 or 4-way speakers (which are difficult to build since they are high-end DIY audio). The reason why miniDPS's are such a popular option is the software provided by MiniDSP. It is known for being a DIY/OEM-friendly software for configuring their DSP boards. A DSP is a great way to have full functionality and control over the sound of your HiFi system.

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