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        Pressfit terminal cups for sale

        5 Pressfit terminal cups for sale

        Get long-lasting speaker input terminal cups and plates with designs that incorporate binding posts and spring-loaded connectors. Here at SoundImports, you can buy press-fit terminal cups in different shapes and sizes from our premium brand Monacor.


        What are screw terminal cups?

        A terminal cup is a plastic or metal cup with two press-fit wire cramping that is attached to the side or back of the speaker cabinet. The conductor transmits the signal from the outside of the speaker cabinets to the inside of the speaker via wiring cramps to the crossover which then transmits the audio signal further to the woofer or tweeter installed in the speaker.


        What is the difference between a press-fit and a screw-fit terminal cup?

        In the end, both press-fit and screw-fit terminal cups both fulfil the same purpose – bringing the audio signal from the speaker wire into the speaker cabinet. The only difference between the two (category wise) is the way of mounting them in the cabinet. The press-fit fits snugly in the mounting hole, allowing screwless installation. The screw terminal cups are mounted by screws. Secondly, screw-fit terminal cups are also available as bi-amping versions.

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