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        Universal speaker cabinets for sale

        7 Universal speaker cabinets for sale

        The Denovo Audio’s universal cabinets you can buy here at SoundImports are precision CNC-cut for professional results, and great if you want to replace a broken cabinet from your old speaker system but want to keep the drivers and other components. The CNC-cut ensures a very well processed piece of wood with a suitable thickness and no sharp edges. One benefit of the CNC-cut is, for example, that a proper thickness of the walls ensure low panel resonance and let your DIY-speaker sound even better!

        In case you do not find the right match between components and cabinets in our category DIY kits, they are also ideal for matching with a set from our DIY component sets. If you want to build your own speaker with single components and not a preassembled set – the universal cabinet is perfect. The difference between the universal cabinets and the countless options of subwoofer-, bookshelf-, floor-standing- cabinets SoundImports offers, is that the universal cabinets are not pre-cut. This makes them the ideal cabinet choice for (almost) every driver you can buy here in our shop!


        Can I also use single components, or do I have to purchase component sets?

        Yes, single components fit! You can use almost every component you can buy at SoundImports to fit into the universal cabinets. You can determine which audio components, such as woofers, tweeters, and exciters, you place in the speakers. Deciding for single components over component sets is especially wise if the sound and the look of the components matter. A great example of a unique driver would be the driver from PURIFI with their Natural Surround! By building your speakers yourself, you can achieve the sound and aesthetics that suits your taste and wishes. The imagination knows no limits!

        Do you need a boost in creativity for your next project? Check out our DIY audio gallery with projects from our loyal and loved customers!

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