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      PURIFI Audio

      Purifi Audio is a relatively young Danish start-up, founded in 2019. In this short amount of time, they’ve built up quite a reputation. Their amplifiers are considered so good, that you don’t have to think about the settings to minimize distortion of any kind - because there isn’t any.

      Purifi amplifiers strive for perfection, ensuring that there is no harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion or frequency-response aberration, regardless of frequency or load. Today, PURIFI is known as one of the best for several reasons:


      1. An exceptionally low amount of distortion

      2. High efficiency

      3. Accessible components that are easy to integrate

      4. Extraordinary proprietary technology Eigentakt



      Purifi has dedicated itself to the research and development of loudspeaker drivers and power amplifier modules, because they believe these are the biggest limiters in sound quality. Purifi offers stereo kits, passive radiators, bass-mid woofers, mid-range woofers and an amplifier module to help you get the most out of your set-up.

      PURIFI 1ET400A Amplifier module

      The Purifi 1ET400A is a single-channel, ultra-high performance, analogue-input Class D amplifier module. It’s capable of over 400W of power, and provides an audio quality that sets the standard for power amplifiers of any operating class. The 1ET400A is one of the most high-end options from our amplifier module category.

      PURIFI EVAL stereo evaluation kits

      The Purifi EVAL1 stereo evaluation kit creates easy signal and power supply connections for a stereo 1ET400A setup. The kit is developed for evaluation purposes, but is perfectly suitable for DIY applications! The FE02 front-end modules makes it easy to connect a compatible power supply with the supplied cable set.

      Passive Radiators

      PURIFI passive radiators come in two sizes: 4” and 6.5”. Both feature research-based technologies such as Natural Surround, and a cone made from a proprietary fibre mix. Due to the deep understanding of performance degrading aspects for amplifiers and transducers, passive radiators from PURIFI are among the most high-end passive radiators available at SoundImports.

      Mid-range woofers and Bass-mid woofers

      PURIFI also offers premium mid-bass woofers and mid-range woofers. These drivers provide an uncompromised midrange performance with a negligible force factor modulation and surround radiation distortion. 

      The characteristics only found in high-end uncompromising products like PURIFI result in compact long-stroke drivers that can deliver clear, complex sound without effort.


      Who is PURIFI Audio?

      Purifi Audio is a young Danish start-up founded in 2019 by the three audio enthusiasts: Bruno Putzeys, Lars Risbo, and Peter Lyngdorf. PURIFI headquarters is located in Roskilde, just 40 minutes drive from the core of Copenhagen.

      PURIFI has one mission: to remove all technical limitations in the enjoyment of reproduced music. Therefore, Purifi Audio is dedicated to research and development on loudspeaker drivers and power amplifier modules, because PURIFI believes that those are the biggest limiting factors for sound quality.


      “You can’t solve a problem if you don’t deeply understand it.” 


      That’s the driving principle behind PURIFI’s development, and it’s why Purifi Audio is convinced that sound quality can be measured. They claim to be fluent in analogue and digital, next to all domains of electromagnetics, acoustics, and mechanics. They approach these problems systematically and mathematically.

      Purifi takes care to upgrade the different distortion mechanisms independently. This ensures that any deliberate improvement mirrors a genuine, perceptible improvement, regardless of what the signal is.

      Eigentakt technology

      PURIFI’s thorough research comes together in their proprietary technology Eigentakt. Eigentakt represents Purifi Audio’s continuing research into non-linear control theory, which produced the first mathematically exact large signal model of self-oscillating amplifier controllers.

      All of this is to say Purifi’s Eigentakt technology is a rare amplifier innovation that will benchmark performance and power for years to come.

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