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        Copper foil inductor crossover coils for sale

        524 Copper foil inductor crossover coils for sale

        The copper foil coil is a high-performance foil inductor offering improved power handling and dynamic headroom. They can be used in all areas, either as a high-pass filter in the middle-frequency range, as a bass coil (with large conductor cross-section) or in correcting components (with thin wire cross-section). Compared to wire-based inductors, using pure copper foil, a better surface for electron travel can be ensured, next to a better distortion reduction, a higher power handling and improved dynamic headroom. The copper foil coil is wrapped in transparent shrink foil to protect the foil's outer layer and maintain the windings' integrity. Since the electrons will move towards the surface with rising frequency, a large surface is required to prevent electrons from getting squeezed on their path to the surface. Copper foil and air-core combined make copper foil coils the ultimate choice for high-quality speakers.

        Here at SoundImports, you can choose and buy copper foil coils from our premium brands Dayton Audio, Jantzen Audio and Mundorf!


        Is there a difference between copper foil coils and other capacitor coils?

        Copper foil coils excel at high frequencies: their foil wrapping reduces the skin effect commonly found in wire coils, which leads to a more even distribution of the current. On top of that, these coils feature an air core, making them superior to all metal core coils as far as accurate pulse reproduction and freedom from distortion are concerned. Precision, dynamic, subtle tonal gradations, great detail and liveliness distinguish coils with an air core from all others.

        Feeling like learning more about inductors, capacitors and/or crossover components in general? If so, please check out our blog post! Also, check out our other coils such as ferrite core coils, iron core coils, Litz wire wax coils and toroidal coils!

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