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        Binding post back plates for sale

        8 Binding post back plates for sale

        Are you looking for a higher-performance alternative to standard screw-fit terminal cups? Build your own! All you need is a binding post backplate and a pair of binding posts. Easy installation is made possible by a pre-installed gasket and a bevelled exterior edge, which eliminates the need for time-consuming recesses. Simply attach your binding posts to the plate, use a jigsaw or hole saw to make a hole in your speaker cabinet, and screw it in place. Here at SoundImports, you can buy binding post backplates from our premium brand Dayton Audio.


        What are binding post backplates?

        Binding post backplates can be seen as a protective cover between the speaker cabinet and the binding post. With binding post backplates, you give your DIY speaker a cleaner and more professional look and reduce the risk of scratching the cabinet when slipping with the connector from your speaker wire and bump the connector into the sensitive wood of your cabinet.

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