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        Speaker grills for sale

        23 Speaker grills for sale
        Speaker Grill Frame Kit
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        € 28,88
        € 34,95
        PT5010-FP Face Plate for PT5010-8
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        € 33,02
        € 39,95
        PT6816-FP Face Plate for PT6816-8
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        € 16,49
        € 19,95
        PT6825-FP Face Plate for PT6825-8
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        € 20,62
        € 24,95
        Speaker Grill Frame Corner Kit
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        € 13,60
        € 16,45
        Speaker Grill Frame T-Joint Kit
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        € 7,40
        € 8,95

        Did you ever wonder why some speaker drivers are visible, and some are covered/protected? You most likely saw speakers equipped with a speaker grill. The primary purpose of speaker grills is to protect the loved installed woofers and tweeters or other visible audio components. Here at SoundImports, you can shop square and round speaker grills from Monacor and other brands in a variety of different diameters according to your preference.


        What material are speaker grills made of?

        Speaker grills can be separated into soft and hard grills. Fabric, weaving, stitching, foam, fabric upholsteries, and similar materials can all be used to make soft grilles. Soft grilles, in general, provide low resistance to the speaker driver because the material moves in line with the sound waves. Except at extremely high sound pressure levels, softer grilles are less prone to rattling because they can absorb the vibration. Soft grilles provide protection from small, light items and may be water-resistant to some extent, but they can be torn or stretched far enough to reach the driver, limiting their protection level.

        Hard grilles can be made from many types of construction material, including metal, wood or plastic. Some solid grilles are made from a board or sheet of material with holes drilled or cut for the sound to pass, while others are made with thin strips of material either crosshatched together or equally spaced in parallel.


        Do speaker grills affect sound quality?

        Unfortunately, yes. The speaker grills have a minor influence on the sound quality, which is the compromise one has to take between sound quality and audio components protection. Since hard material does not move as freely as soft material with the speaker's vibration, the output frequency of the speaker must be considered when constructing the grille. More holes in a speaker grill allow more sound to flow through while providing less protection from small objects. A speaker with so much material in front of the driver will begin to distort at higher sound pressure levels. In extreme cases, the speaker can be damaged, resulting in excessive rattling at the very least.

        Nevertheless, this does not mean that speaker grills only have downsides! There are some speakers where speaker grills are even recommended! High-powered subwoofers, for example, may emit such powerful sound waves that a speaker grill can prevent damage when the driver is under load.


        How do I install speaker grills?

        Here at SoundImports, we offer components to install speaker grills in two ways – with frame dowels or magnets grill guides, while frame dowels are the budget option and magnets the fancy one. Some speaker grills also come with an additional frame that one needs to install around the driver. The grill then simply gets pushed into the frame – no dowels or magnet needed!  Note: We also have raw metal plates in our assortment, which require an additional frame to be installed!

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