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        Ferrite core inductor crossover coils for sale

        30 Ferrite core inductor crossover coils for sale

        A ferrite core coil is an inductor with a magnetic ferrite core (which influences the electromagnetic effect) and works as a filter. The inductance of ferrite core coils is measured in henry (H). However, 1 henry is a large unit of inductance, which is the reason why all values within our coils assortment have values that typically range in the smaller unit millihenries (mH).

        The high-performance material HP3616 used for ferrite core coils is characterized by low elementary distortions and low hysteresis losses, which means a rapid change in magnetization. The marginal music signal delay makes ferrite inductors perfectly suitable for equalization networks and mid-driver applications. It is also well-suited for low-power mid-woofers.

        Here at SoundImports, you can buy ferrite core coils from the premium-brand Mundorf. You also find several other coils in our assortments such as air, copper, iron core coil, Litz wire wax and toroidal coils!


        What does a ferrite core do?

        A ferrite core is designed to cut out the high frequencies so that a subwoofer, for example, only receives low frequencies, which he can process. The opposite of this is a capacitor – which filters out high frequencies.


        Is a ferrite core magnetic?

        Yes, but even though the material ferrite is magnetic, a ferrite core coil does not act like a magnet when installed in a crossover board.


        Is there a difference between ferrite core coils and other coils?

        Yes, the type of core material affects the inductivity. The cored inductors iron and ferrite, for example, offer a higher inductance with less copper wire. Less wire means lower resistance. The downside to less wire is that the cores can get saturated, which causes distortion. However, not all coils have a solid core, e.g. Litz wire wax coils, toroidal coils, and air-core coils.

        If you feel like learning more about inductors, capacitors and/or crossover components in general, please check out our blog post!

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