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        Binding posts for sale

        38 Binding posts for sale
        2 pair
        Mini-Insulated 5-Way Binding Post
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        € 15,25
        € 18,45
        Gold Dual Binding Post Banana Jack
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        € 5,17
        € 6,25
        1 pair
        Gold Plated Binding Post  Pair
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        € 4,09
        € 4,95
        Binding Post Terminal | Spring Loaded
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        € 4,92
        € 5,95

        Binding posts are one of the most frequent connectors for speakers to a receiver or amplifier. These basic connection points will work with any 10-gauge speaker cable, whether you're using bare wire or banana plugs, allowing you to easily specify the amount of wire needed for your specific arrangement.

        The effect of binding posts on the sound of loudspeakers has been a topic of heated debate almost as long as speaker wire. Binding posts are adaptable, reliable, and simple to use. You're sure to find the binding post banana jacks you need among our many types, sizes, and finishes.


        What are binding posts?

        A binding post is a type of connector that is widely found on loudspeakers and audio amplifiers, as well as other electrical equipment, to terminate (attach) a single wire. Here at SoundImports, you can buy bindings posts from our well-known quality-brand Dayton Audio!


        How do you use a binding post?

        Unlike banana plugs, which are simply placed into the front of each binding post, bare wire is installed in four simple steps:

        To begin, unscrew the caps that cover each binding post until the little hole through their centres is exposed. Second, you create a single strand by twisting the bare speaker wire. After that, each side is inserted into the exposed holes. Make sure the wire leading to the positive (red) binding post is also connected to the positive terminal of your receiver or amplifier to ensure optimal operation of your speakers. This should hold true for the negative (black) terminals as well. To make this process easier, most speaker wires will include distinguishing characteristics, such as various colours or markings. Finally, tighten the cap to hold the wire in place, and you're finished!

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