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        Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for sale

        33 Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for sale
        Perforated PC Board | 7,94 x 10,95 cm
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        Although printed circuit boards are not particularly exciting, one might not believe that printed circuit boards made all of the modern technology possible. Before connecting components through a printed circuit board, components were mostly connected through loose copper wires, requiring much space inside the device. In other words: a printed circuit board made it possible that your smartphone is not as thick as a book. All by connecting components through embedding wires in a flat piece of fibreglass made it possible to use a portable computer (laptop) and carry it in one's backpack.


        What are printed circuit boards used for?

        Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are used in the manufacturing of smartphones and computers and home entertainment equipment such as DIY speakers. They mechanically and electrically link electronic components using conductive paths, tracks, or signal traces etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.


        What have printed circuit boards to do with speaker building?

        Printed circuit boards are unavoidable, also in DIY speaker-building. The only difference here is that one should build their own printed circuit board to match the required crossover components such as capacitors, resistors, coils, circuit breakers and screw terminals to one another. Want to learn more about crossover components? Then check out our blog, "The basics of crossover components"!

         However, since one mostly has to build their own crossover boards, blank perforated crossover boards and printed circuit boards are the best solutions, especially our own high-quality cloverleaf pitches crossover boards! Our cloverleaf pitches are perfect for passive crossover designs and consist of four pitches with a 1.4mm hole and a centre with a 1.9mm hole. You can choose our printed circuit board in the sizes 10 x 15 cm, 12 x 20 cm, and 17 x 22 cm!


        What is the difference between a blank perforated crossover board and a printed circuit board?

        A blank perforated board is technically an empty circuit board without any components attached and no copper coating. It is purely a glass fibre plate with tiny holes and/or pre-tinned pads. A printed circuit board, on the other hand, has a copper coating. Next to blank perforated crossover boards and printed circuit boards, one can also find pre-etched printed circuit boards but also pre-assembled crossover boards!

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