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        Multi-room amplifiers

        9 Multi-room amplifiers

        Multiroom amplifiers

        A multiroom amplifier is the ideal solution when you want to control different speakers in different rooms. With a multiroom amplifier, also called a multizone amplifier, you can give your home audio system a boost. Connecting multiple speakers to one central point or making your speakers wireless is easily done with our multiroom amplifiers.


        What is a multiroom amplifier?

        With a multiroom amplifier, you can easily turn your speakers at home into a complete home audio system. We offer three different amplifier models for this purpose. Firstly, there’s a model with few channels that can be controlled wirelessly. Secondly, we have amplifiers with many channels to which you can connect many speakers(groups). Lastly, we have amplifiers that have both, many channels as well as wireless capabilities.


        Wired amplifiers are the "standard" amplifiers that allow you to transmit music to the amplifier via a speaker wire. With the wireless multiroom amplifiers, you can easily play your music via, for example, the internet or via Bluetooth. Examples of this type of amplifier are the Arylic S10 and the Arlyic S50.


        These amplifiers give you the ability to wirelessly play music on your speakers from any room where this previously could only be done via a wired connection. These amplifiers are often cheaper than the amplifiers with multiple channels, but you do need several of them if you want to connect your entire house.


        Wireless amplifiers could be useful, for example, when you want to easily control your music from your smartphone, when you want your speakers to work with other devices, or play music at specific times. Wireless amplifiers are particularly convenient when you want to control your speakers from your phone or when you want to create different zones in your home that play different music.


        Many or few channels

        While wireless amplifiers often have few channels, we also have multiroom amplifiers with a large number of channels in our range. These multiroom amplifiers are often wired.


        A frequently used application for this type of multiroom amplifier is to place these amplifiers at a central point in your home, and then connect all the speakers to it via wires. By employing this setup, all the speakers in your home are connected to one amplifier, and they can easily be controlled from that amplifier.


        These amplifiers can also be used to control home cinemas, for example. These amplifiers are more expensive than wireless amplifiers, but they offer the convenience of a large number of channels and the comfort of being able to control all your speakers from one central point.


        Which multizone amplifier is the best fit for you?

        The multiroom amplifier that is the best fit for you depends on your system. Are you looking for a system that you can control wirelessly? Then you could consider a preamplifier with a wireless connection, such as the Arylic S10 multiroom preamplifier. This allows you to easily transform your current system into a system that can be controlled wirelessly, and where you can easily connect multiple speaker(group)s to each other.


        This is also useful, for example, if you live in a rental house and do not want to install the wiring needed to connect all your speakers throughout the house to an amplifier with multiple channels. Another reason to choose this type of amplifier is that you can easily stream music from your smartphone to your speakers.


        Are you looking for an amplifier as a central point for audio in your home? Then an amplifier with multiple channels, such as the Dayton Audio MA1240a multiroom amplifier, may be suitable for you. The connection with this amplifier is wired, which can provide extra stability, and it gives you the ability to connect multiple speaker(group)s to it. This way, you can control all your speakers from one central point in your home.


        Additionally, we also have amplifiers that combine these two functions in our range, such as the Dayton Audio DAX88. This amplifier has up to 12 channels and you can stream your music to this amplifier via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. An application example that has already been mentioned is home theatres, an additional advantage of this model of multi-room amplifiers is that you can easily stream your content to the speaker.


        If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact our customer service. They are ready to help you out with any inquiries about your system.


        H2 Frequently Asked Questions

        H3 What is the difference between multi-channel amplifiers and multi-zone amplifiers?

        A multi-zone amplifier can be used to control different speakers in different rooms, this can be done via wireless amplifiers or multi-channel amplifiers where you can use different channels for different speakers.


        The difference is clear: a multi-zone amplifier can be both wired and wireless, but does not always have a large number of channels. A multi-channel amplifier simply has a large number of channels.


        If you are interested in a wireless solution, you can also take a look at our streaming page.

        H3 How do I connect to a multi-room amplifier?

        How you connect the multi-room amplifier to the speakers depends on the model: with wireless multi-room amplifiers, you can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With the manufacturer's app, you can then easily stream music to your speaker.


        With multi-channel multi-room amplifiers, you can generally connect via speaker wires. You can then control these amplifiers in the same way as other amplifiers.


        Under the heading "Which multi-room amplifier is the best fit for you", you will find more information about the different models of multi-room amplifiers and their uses.

        H3 Can I use the multi-zone amplifier at home?

        Multi-zone amplifiers are ideally suited for use in multiple rooms in your home. You can use multi-zone amplifiers with multiple channels, such as the Dayton Audio DAX88 multi-room amplifier, to connect all your speakers throughout your home to one amplifier.


        You can place this amplifier, for example, in your utility cupboard to hide it nicely. This type of amplifier is also very suitable for shops or home theatres where a large number of speakers are used.


        You can place wireless multi-room amplifiers in every room to wirelessly stream your music to your speaker. With multiple wireless multi-room amplifiers, you can create a multi-room hi-fi system where you can group speakers and play the same or different music in each room. This is useful, for example, in the hospitality industry when you would like to play different music in different places.

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