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        Multi-room amplifiers

        9 Multi-room amplifiers

        What is a multiroom amplifier?

        A multiroom amplifier, also known as a multi-zone amplifier, transforms your home into a dynamic audio landscape. Perfect for driving speakers in various rooms, these amplifiers offer superior flexibility and ease of use. Whether it is a wireless setup or a multi-channel system, there is a multiroom amplifier for every need.


        Wireless convenience

        Wireless multiroom amplifiers, such as the Arylic S10 and Arylic S50, allow you to effortlessly stream music via the Internet or Bluetooth. These devices are perfect for situations where you do not want or cannot install fixed wiring. They are not only cost-effective but also extremely user-friendly, allowing you to easily manage your music from your smartphone or tablet.


        What is the benefit of multiple channels?

        For a more integrated audio experience, we offer multi-channel multiroom amplifiers. These wired solutions, such as the Dayton Audio MA1240a, are ideal for more complex audio systems such as home theaters. They offer the convenience of centrally managing all your speakers from a single point in your home.


        The best of both worlds

        For the ultimate in flexibility, we also have amplifiers that combine wireless connectivity with multiple channels. One example is the Dayton Audio DAX88, which supports up to 12 channels and allows streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        What is the difference between multichannel amplifiers and multizone amplifiers?

        A multizone amplifier can be either wired or wireless and is designed to drive speakers in different rooms. A multichannel amplifier simply has a large number of channels for more complex audio setups.


        How do I connect to a multiroom amplifier?

        For wireless models, connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and stream music with the companion app. Wired models connect via speaker wires and operate like a standard amplifier.


        Can I use the multi-zone amplifier at home?

        Absolutely, multi-zone amplifiers are ideal for home use, whether for a single room or multiple rooms. They are also suitable for commercial settings such as retail or hospitality.

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