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        Speaker Pins for sale

        4 Speaker Pins for sale
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        Speaker Pin Connector Pair
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        1 pair
        Gold Speaker Pins 18 to 12 AWG Wire
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        2 pair
        Speaker Pin Compression Type 2 Pair
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        € 15,65

        Speaker pins can be used instead of banana plugs to manually install speaker wires across a HiFi speaker system. They offer some protection for the connection while also making installation much more accessible.


        What is the difference between speaker pins and banana plugs?

        Speaker pins are a smaller variant of banana plugs, and they have a lot of the exact origins. They lack the spring contact found in banana plugs. Instead, speaker pins are only used with binding posts that include a hole in the centre through which the pin plug can pass.

        Banana plugs are connectors that only connect one circuit, and the plug's spring-sided construction maintains solid contact even after multiple connections. They are usually attached to binding posts, and they create a firm electrical contact that may carry much electricity when used with speakers.

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