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What is a woofer, and what does it do?

(Sub)woofers are extra speakers for the profound bass range. The distinction can either be the way the woofer is being utilized or in the woofer itself. A (sub)woofer reproduces the lowest frequencies that other speakers cannot achieve at full volume. While some media may not contain much information about deep bass, many types of hip-hop, rock, jazz, classical, or electronica rely heavily on low-frequency content. In these cases, using a (sub)woofer will help fill in the sound and create a more realistic experience. Here at SoundImports, you can buy various types of woofers from countless brands such as Dayton Audio, GRS, HiVi, Morel, PURIFI, SB Acoustics and many more! You can also find woofers that are part of a complete DIY speaker kit!

What is the difference between active and passive woofer?

You can separate woofers into two kinds of woofer – active and passive woofers. An active subwoofer is equipped with an onboard amplifier that will acknowledge low-level info and as a rule, contains electronic crossovers. In contrast, a passive subwoofer, on the other hand, contains a woofer in an enclosure with no amplification. The utilization of an active subwoofer will generally give better outcomes due to the more central control in coordinating output levels and coordinating the crossover point between the subwoofer and speakers.

Which T/S Parameters are relevant for woofers?

For woofers, the T/S parameters Fs, Qts, VAS and Xmax are vital since they help to determine for what enclosure/ alignment the specific woofer is most suitable and can help to predict the low-frequency response. For more information about T/S parameters, you can read our blog!

What different types if woofers are there?

There are many types of woofers in our assortment here at SoundImports. You can find bass-mid woofers, mid-range woofers, passive radiators and micro speakers next to the three main types woofers, subwoofers and full-range woofers. A raw speaker or "driver" that we refer to as a subwoofer has a restricted frequency response, frequently not exceeding above around 400 Hz. Since frequencies under 100 Hz cannot be found aurally, just a single subwoofer is needed on a fundamental level. A woofer, on the other hand, is a bigger driver for the whole or just the mid-bass reach. A standard "woofer" can have a frequency response quickly reaching 2500 Hz or higher. A full-range woofer is an "all-in-one" driver with the mission to reproduce as much of the audible frequency range as possible.

What is the difference between a woofer and a subwoofer?

Both terms have been used almost synonymous, and between the two, there is a grey zone. The difference may be in the woofer itself, or how the woofer is used. In general, a raw speaker or "driver" that we call a subwoofer has a low-frequency response range that sometimes does not extend beyond around 400 Hz. A typical "woofer" will easily exceed 2500 Hz or is more generous in frequency response.  In general, attempting to achieve good high-frequency performance can lead to lousy low-frequency and power handling capability.  On the other hand, it would not be able to play well at higher frequencies to create an efficient subwoofer with ultra-low frequency expertise and high-power handling.

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