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        DIY portable bluetooth speaker kits for sale

        3 DIY portable bluetooth speaker kits for sale
        MKBoom DIY speaker kit
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        € 214,83
        € 259,95
        Blast Box DIY speaker kit
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        € 347,07
        € 419,95
        Executive DIY speaker kit
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        € 471,03
        € 569,95

        Build your own portable speaker

        Whether in the garden, at the beach or in a park – portable speakers have become indispensable. The portable speaker kits we offer at SoundImports are from the well-known premium brand Denovo Audio and come with everything you need to build a high-end portable Bluetooth speaker in no time and have the power to cut through most background noise.


        Complete portable speaker DIY kits

        All the DIY kits for portable speakers you can find here at SoundImports, include high-quality full-range drivers, premium tweeters, a custom-made cabinet, and strong amplifiers with Bluetooth connection. Next to the Bluetooth connection, one can also find several other inputs, such as an Aux input. With the DIY kits for portable speakers from SoundImports, it is possible to design your very own portable speakers for optimised sound in combination with a unique look.


        High-quality DIY portable cabinets

        The portable speaker kits are equipped with a matching portable speaker cabinet. All cabinets are tailor-made, and all milling edges and the requisite holes are pre-installed. This means you can quickly, and stress-free, assemble the casing for your DIY project. The portable cabinets are of premium standard with a high level of rigidity. The result for you is that they deliver a great audio experience. The best part about the DIY cabinets is that one can customise the cabinet to their liking, ensuring that every portable speaker is an individual piece of art.


        Build other speakers in addition to your portable speakers

        Besides building portable speakers, we offer DIY speaker kits for building subwoofers, floor-standing speakers, and bookshelf speakers in addition to portable speakers. This enables you to produce your own sound that is fully tailored to your preferences and tastes.

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