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        Compression driver for sale

        24 Compression driver for sale

        Compression driver

        When making optimum sound reproduction, the compression driver is an indispensable element. The sound of a compression driver is amplified by its coupling to a horn. This unique design, where the compression driver works in combination with an acoustic horn, provides loud sound pressure and efficiency that is much higher than directly radiating cone speakers. This makes it ideal for larger rooms or applications where high volume with clarity is desired.

        Although compression drivers are often associated with treble, other components such as woofers, subwoofers, mid woofers, dome tweeters, tweeters, ribbon tweeters, horn tweeters and super tweeters also play a crucial role in a balanced sound system.


        At SoundImports, we offer a carefully selected range of compression drivers from renowned brands such as Dayton Audio, JBL Selenium, GRS, SB Audience, and PRV Audio. Each of these brands brings its own expertise and quality standards to the table, ensuring you, the customer, top quality for your audio setup.

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