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        From its founding in 1950 as a spin-off of the Norwegian radio manufacturers Radionette and Tandberg, SEAS has been dedicated to creating loudspeakers with superior sound reproduction. The company, whose name means Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems, remained at the forefront of European driver manufacturers for more than 60 years. At SEAS, they take pride in working according to the highest standard, and they put a lot of effort into designing speakers, using materials and techniques which give the best audible results.  Many important parts are produced in-house, some by special-purpose machinery designed and built by SEAS. 
        Soundimports has three different SEAS speakers lines, and we are planning on adding seas speaker kits in the future.


        SEAS Dometweeters Prestige Line

        Dome tweeters: SEAS has dome tweeters with 19 and 25 mm voice coil diameters and different surround diameters. The rigid chassis is made from glass-filled engineering plastic materials by injection moulding.  SEAS offers dome diaphragms made from materials such as aluminium, soft impregnated fabric, and titanium.  The aluminium and titanium are both equipped with a soft surround that suspends the dome diaphragm in a compliant but precise and dependable manner.  All dome diaphragms and surrounds are made in-house at SEAS, except for anodized aluminium, beryllium, diamond, and titanium. All SEAS tweeters are available with magnetic fluid in two different viscosities, which improves the heat transfer from the voice coil.  It also introduces the mechanical damping of the voice coil.  The resulting smoothing of the impedance curve simplifies crossover design considerably. Cone units: SEAS’ cone drivers are generally based on injection moulded zinc chassis, which are powder coated for attractive and durable protection. SEAS offers a wide range of cone materials:


        • Aluminium (which is very stiff yet reasonably light). 
        • Paper (a wide range of different pulps are available along with a highly efficient coating material for dynamic control). 
        • Polypropylene (unfilled or mineral-filled for increased stiffness). 
        • XP (an optically transparent high polymer material that is light, stiff, and well-damped). 
        • Glass fibre weave (which is impregnated for stability and dynamic control).


        For example, the SEAS Prestige MCA15RCY is a 15 cm (5’’) cone driver developed for a high-quality midrange unit. Classically coated paper cone gives a smooth extended frequency response with a controlled roll-off. The large magnet system, together with the light cone, gives high sensitivity with low distortion and good transient response. The SEAS Prestige 27TBCD/GB-DXT is a High Definition aluminium/magnesium alloy dome tweeter with seas dtx lens. An optimally shaped dome and a wide SONOMEX surround, both manufactured by SEAS, ensure excellent performance and consistency. The SEAS Prestige CA22RNY, an 8 inches woofer, is a classical hand-coated paper cone and matching natural rubber surround that produces a well-behaved roll-off characteristic and reduces potential resonance problems. Long, high-temperature voice coil wound on an aluminium voice coil former gives low distortion and high power handling capacity.


        SEAS woofers: Excel Line

        The Excel cone woofer are based on injection moulded zinc baskets ranging in diameter from 12 to 26 cm. Cones made from magnesium and NEXTEL coated paper are available. The magnet systems are equipped with heavy copper rings and a copper phase plug which reduces flux modulation and eddy current distortion. Furthermore, the copper parts improve the heat transfer from the voice coil and pole piece to the outside air, thereby reducing the coil temperature and subsequent voltage sensitivity modulation.

        The Excel tweeters are based on injection moulded zinc or machined aluminium front plates and a sub-chassis for excellent rigidity and stability. All Excel drivers are equipped with gold plated terminals for low contact resistance and excellent reliability. In the SEAS Excel T25CF002 Millennium tweeter, for example, their patented Hexadym magnet system further reduces reflections and back pressure by allowing full venting of the voice coil gap and the space behind the dome surround. The SEAS Excel T25CF001 is equipped with an optimally shaped dome, and a wide SONOMEX surround, both manufactured by SEAS, ensures excellent performance and consistency.


        SEAS Extreme Line subwoofers

        SEAS Extreme subwoofers are designed and manufactured to perfection to enhance the low-frequency experience in any sound system. The drivers can be utilized in all kinds of applications like closed boxes, systems with passive radiators, open baffles. The SEAS L26ROY - XM001-04, a 10-inch woofer, for example, has an extremely stiff and rigid aluminium cone that gives tremendous bass precision. The cone and the long throw low loss rubber surround show no sign of the familiar cone edge resonance and distortion associated with soft cones. Lead-out wires symmetrically stitched to the spider to avoid resonances — total suspension designed to assure the stability for extreme excursions.


        SEAS Drivers

        SEAS, takes great pride in developing drivers to the highest standard. They put effort into speaker design by using materials and techniques that delivers the best audible performance. SEAS monitors every step of the development purchase, and assembling carefully to ensure that the final product lives up to SEAS quality standards. SEAS speakers are engineered and assembled in compliance with the regulations in EU’s RoHS directive.

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