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      The secret to great bass in almost every home audio application is a subwoofer. A subwoofer is a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass, and these frequencies are lower than those that a woofer can optimally produce. Here at SoundImports, one can buy subwoofers from our premium bands Dayton Audio and Monacor!


      Where do I place a subwoofer?

      A simple recommendation cannot answer this question. The ideal position for a subwoofer truly depends on the acoustics in the room. Furthermore, very deep frequencies are less heart and more felt, which eliminates the need for the subwoofer to be placed right across the listener’s position. Human hearing is less sensitive to the directionality of low frequencies. So, how do you find the ideal position for your subwoofer? This process jokingly often gets referred to as the “subwoofer crawling”. In this procedure, the listener sits in their preferred listening position and places the subwoofer in various locations to see/hear which location sounds the best. Since this testing would depend a lot on placements and time, it is more convenient to place the subwoofer in the listeners preferred listening position and then crawl through the room to see/hear in which location the subwoofer would sound best. Therefore, do not be surprised when the subwoofers best position is in the back of your room, next to the tv, or even behind the couch! However, make sure that the subwoofer stands at least 1-2x the diameter of the bass-reflex port away from a wall to prevent distortions (when the port is aimed towards the wall)!


      What is the difference between a woofer and a subwoofer?

      Every subwoofer is a woofer. A subwoofer is a type of woofer that is optimized for low-frequency reproduction. A woofer typically reproduces sound with a frequency range of 40 Hz to 2,500 Hz. A subwoofer is designed to reproduce significantly lower frequencies than a woofer. It is typically designed to reproduce frequencies in the 20 Hz to 200 Hz range. A woofer, on the other hand, reproduces a broader frequency range, whilst a subwoofer reproduces a narrower range. A subwoofer, as a result, provides more consistent bass.

      The frequency range spanned by woofers is suitable for most applications. Music enthusiasts who want the most accurate bass, on the other hand, should consider installing a subwoofer. A subwoofer can reproduce fuller bass than a woofer because it concentrates on a shorter frequency band.

      Furthermore, a subwoofer has a special subwoofer cabinet and can therefore be seen as a full loudspeaker. On the other hand, a woofer is often paired with tweeters in a cabinet to form a speaker.


      What is the difference between an active and a passive subwoofer?

      Just as there are active and passive speakers, one can also find active and passive subwoofers. The difference is that passive subwoofers are just the subwoofer woofer, while an active subwoofer has an integrated plate amplifier. So, a passive subwoofer needs an additional amplifier, but keep in mind that not every amplifier is suitable to process the low frequencies for a subwoofer. These amplifiers are often equipped with a subwoofer pre-out to connect an additional amplifier for the low frequencies. Most subwoofer amplifiers feature an adjustable low-pass filter for optimal integration with the rest of the sound system.

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