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        Subwoofers for sale

        6 Subwoofers for sale

        A crucial element for outstanding bass reproduction in home audio is the subwoofer. This specialized speaker is designed to reproduce the low audio frequencies known as bass and sub-bass. These frequencies are below the range that a standard woofer can effectively reproduce. At SoundImports, we offer high-quality subwoofers from top brands such as Dayton Audio and Monacor.


        Optimal placement of a subwoofer

        The ideal position of a subwoofer depends on the specific acoustics of a room. Low frequencies are perceived less as sound and more as vibration, which means that the subwoofer does not necessarily have to be placed directly opposite the listener. To find the best location, the "subwoofer creep" method is often used. In this, the listener places the subwoofer in their favorite listening spot and the listener crawls around the room on all fours to find the spot with the best bass response. In this spot, the subwoofer will be placed. Interestingly, the optimal spot is often unexpected, such as at the back of the room or next to the sofa. However, it is important to place the subwoofer at least one to two times the diameter of the bassreflexport of walls to avoid distortion.


        The difference between a woofer and a subwoofer

        Although every subwoofer is a woofer, there is a significant difference between the two. Woofers cover a wide frequency range suitable for most audio applications. Subwoofers, on the other hand, specialize in reproducing much lower frequencies, typically between 20 Hz and 200 Hz. They therefore offer a deeper and consistent bass experience, especially appreciated by lovers of accurate bass. A subwoofer has a uniquely designed cabinet, distinguishing it as a full-fledged speaker, while woofers are often integrated into a single cabinet along with tweeters.


        Active vs passive subwoofers

        As with speakers, there are active and passive subwoofers. A passive subwoofer consists only of the woofer component and requires an external amplifier. These amplifiers must be specially suited for low frequencies and often have a subwoofer pre-out. Active subwoofers, on the other hand, have a built-in amplifier, making them a self-contained unit. Most subwoofer amplifiers are equipped with an adjustable low-pass filter, which ensures optimal integration with the rest of the sound system.

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