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        Jantzen Audio Products

        2218 Jantzen Audio

        Denmark's Jantzen Audio is one of the world's leading producers of specialized resistors, coils, and capacitors. Long regarded as the crossover capacitors, coils, and inductors of choice for high-end European speaker manufacturers. 

        Jantzen Audio Capacitors

        Jantzen uses a high tension machine to wind all their electrolytic capacitors, thus producing very tightly wound capacitors. As a result, they offer incredibly low inner vibration and keep microphony as low as possible. They have a tolerance of 3% and have high-grade copper lead-outs. The finish is a flame-retardant tape wrap, and the end of the caps are resin sealed to protect against humidity. Another key feature is, they do not need pre-ageing, so no lengthy burn-in required. At SoundImports, we offer five lines of capacitors from Jantzen Audio: 


        Jantzen Audio Cross Cap

        The Cross Cap, an entry-level MKP capacitor, has the best sonic quality and the best electrical peculiarity in its price class. These film/foil capacitors use high-quality foil, produced, and metalized in the EU. They do not make any unpleasant distortion on sound and do not “colour” the sound.


        Janzen Audio Standard Z-Cap

        All Jantzen Audio Z-Caps are nitrogen-filled, which means that you get more foil per capacitor and no risk of evaporation that can occur in oil/dielectric fluid-filled capacitors. What sets aside these capacitors from the rest is the higher quality German-made metalized PP foil and the PCOCC lead-wires.


        The Superior Z-Cap from Jantzen Audio

        With the Superior Z-Cap, even the finest nuances can be heard. The sound never gets over-edged, with really superb naturalness with a somewhat bright top-end. Highly recommended for use as a high-end tweeter capacitor or as a coupling cap in an amplifier.


        Janzen Audio Premium ELKO

        The Premium ELKOs are made with a smooth foil to allow for less loss and offer better performance and audio application sound. Electrolytic Capacitors are small in size and offer good performance on crossovers, where sizing is an important factor. These capacitors are especially excellent for crossovers' bass section due to their reasonable pricing in high capacitance values, compared to MKT or MKP capacitors.


        Alumen Z-Cap

        The Alumen Z-Cap (pure aluminium foil capacitors) was specially designed for the tweeter and mid-section of crossovers for passive hi-fi speakers. This new cap's improved transparency performance is on the same high level as our SilverGold Z-Cap, but with a slightly softer tonal presence and less brightness/sheen/glare in comparison.


        Jantzen Audio Resistors

        We offer two lines of Jantzen resistors. The 5 watts and the 10 watts Superres resistors. They come with a broad range of values from 0,10 Ω.

        Jantzen Superes

        The 5W and 10W are high-quality wire wound, ceramic core resistors rated at 5 or 10 watts. With a low noise specification and 1% tolerance, they are a great resistor for crossover upgrades.


        Coils from Jantzen Audio

        SoundImports offers the higher end range of Jantzen coils. Known among audio experts for their high-quality materials and their reasonable prices, we offer five series of copper foils. 


        Janzen Audio Air Core Coils

        Manufactured using high-quality audiophile-grade materials, these inductors are a perfect choice for use in passive crossover networks. The ideal core material for coils is air. Air cored coils are, for physical reasons, superior to all metal-core coils as far as accurate pulse reproduction and freedom from distortion are concerned. Jentzen’s air coils are made with high-purity copper wire, “baked” into a perfect shape to create a distortion-free inductor for all audio applications.


        Janzen Audio Litz Wire Wax Coil

        The Litz Wire Wax Coil is the only wax impregnated Litz wire coil on the market. Litz Wire Coils' advantage is that they have many of the advantageous properties of foil-based inductors but are smaller in size. Also, they have had a lower price-point compared to foil-based inductors. Depending on the specific crossover design, these Litz wire coils can be a good substitute for foil-based inductors. Litz wire enables inductors to have reduced skin effect and lowered resistance, which offers a more dynamic headroom. The wax impregnation keeps the windings in place and eliminates distortion and microphonic effect. The Litz Wire Wax Coil offers improved dynamic headroom and a better (larger) surface for electrons' travel (compared to standard type single-wire inductors).


        Jantzen Audio Wax Coil

        The Wax Coil is the innovation level for foil-based audio-grade inductors. It is a high-performance foil inductor offering improved power handling and dynamic headroom. The wax impregnation ensures the copper foil and winding integrity for decades of high performance. Using pure copper foil, Jantzen has ensured a better surface for electron travel and a better distortion reduction than single-wire-based inductors. The Wax Coil is a further development of the Cross Coil, using the wax impregnation to further secure windings' tightness. The insulation used for Wax Coils consists of a specially produced paper type, and then the whole coil is impregnated with unique paraffin wax, specially developed for Jantzen Audio. Superior to natural waxes, this special paraffin wax ensures that there are no air-pockets trapped in the wax and has a higher temperature tolerance, compared to, i.e. beeswax.


        Janzen Audio C-Coil

        The C-Coil is wound around a toroidal sandwich core, and it has extremely low resistance and can shift a large amount of power without getting overheated.


        Janzen Audio Iron Core Coil With Discs

        High-purity copper wire wound around a Permite core + discs. Extremely low DCR does not alter the driver damping factor and adds to the loss of efficiency. The non-ferrite core/disc material provides significantly lower hysteresis than coils with ferrite cores while delivering higher power handling. Generally only recommended for bass & midsection on the crossover.

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