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        Amplifier modules, kits and boards for sale

        107 Amplifier modules, kits and boards for sale
        2 x 1200 W
        1200AS2 Amplifier module
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        € 355,33
        € 429,95
        2 x 215 W
        200AS2 Amplifier module
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        € 132,19
        € 159,95
        1 x 500 W
        500A Pro Amplifier module
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        € 95,-
        € 114,95
        2 x 125 W
        125ASX2 Amplifier module
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        In stock ()
        € 181,78
        € 219,95
        1 x 2000 W
        UcD2k UcD® Amplifier module
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        € 330,54
        € 399,95
        2 x 400 W
        700AS2 Amplifier module
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        € 314,01
        € 379,95
        1 x 1000 W
        1000ASP Amplifier module
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        € 305,74
        € 369,95
        2 x 2000 W
        2000AS2 HV Amplifier module
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        In stock ()
        € 454,50
        € 549,95
        2 x 250 W
        250ASX2 Amplifier module
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        In stock ()
        € 272,69
        € 329,95
        1 x 300 W
        300AS1 Amplifier module
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        In stock ()
        € 132,19
        € 159,95

        An amplifier module is a raw power amplifier component without cassis, ready to be installed inside a speaker. An amplifier module takes the line-level signals and raises their capacity level to be able to drive a speaker. Furthermore, an amplifier module is equipped with in- and outputs, a power connection and numerous controls. Here at SoundImports, you find a wide variety of powerful amplifiers modules from high-quality brands such as Arylic, Dayton Audio, Hypex, Sure Electronics, Zoudio! Moreover, SoundImports has a great variety of amplifier-board accessories that are worth checking out!


        Watts per channel (WPS) of amplifier modules

        The watts per channel (WPC) vary greatly under amplifier modules, although most of them are pretty powerful. SoundImports offers amplifier modules with watts per channel (WPC) from 2 WPC over to 50 WPC, up to 500 WPC and even 3000 WPC!


        What does an amplifier module do?

        Amplifier modules aim to replicate a frequency spectrum from 20 to 20,000 hertz such that the full range of human hearing and musical tones can be covered. Several inputs and controls that are more elaborate than a standard power amplifier are often used with most amplifier modules. They have digital crossovers that allow the end-users to filter the active point by eliminating higher frequencies from the signals they amplify.


        What kind of signals does an amplifier accept?

        Usually, amplifier modules can accept both line and speaker signals and then retrieve those signals into a speaker. Many amplifier modules include phase or delay controls to adjust the signal better to change a given speaker system. However, installing a DSP module with an amplifier module is highly recommended if one wants to get the maximum performance out of an active speaker.


        Why is a DSP module recommended in combination with an amplifier module?

        Even though an amplifier module allows some adjustments and controls regarding crossovers, delays and co, a DSP module is critical to adjust further details such as digital filters and phase shifting. A typical combination under DIY enthusiasts is a MiniDSP. It is known and loved for its User Interface DSP with a Hypex amplifier module that counts as one of the best hardware amplifiers. Also worth reading is our blog about how to connect the right power supply to an amplifier module.

        SoundImports offers a wide variety of amplifier modules equipped with 1-channel, 2-channels, 4-channels and even 6-channels! To power matching woofers and tweeters, some 2-channel amplifier module, for example, provides separate low and high output sections. For computer workstations, small home cinema setups, and studio monitors and DJ workstations, this makes it the ideal element!

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