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      246 Tweeters for sale
      AMT | 8 Ω
      AMT Mini-8 AMT Tweeter
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      € 30,12
      € 36,45
      1⅛" | 8 Ω
      DC28F-8 Dome Tweeter
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      € 25,99
      € 31,45
      AMT | 4 Ω
      AMTPRO-4 AMT Tweeter
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      € 129,71
      € 156,95
      Planar | 8 Ω
      PT2C-8 Planar Tweeter
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      € 74,34
      € 89,95
      3/4" | 4 Ω
      TD20F-4 Dome Tweeter
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      € 9,05
      € 10,95
      1" | 4 Ω
      ND25FA-4 Dome Tweeter
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      € 12,93
      € 15,65
      1" | 6 Ω
      TN28-B Dome Tweeter
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      € 23,51
      € 28,45
      2"| 5 Ω
      DMB-A Dome Midrange Tweeter
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      € 24,75
      € 29,95
      8" | 8 Ω
      PT6816-8 Planar Tweeter
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      € 57,81
      € 69,95
      AMT | 4 Ω
      AMTU160W1.1 AMT Tweeter
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      € 272,69
      € 329,95
      AMT | 4 Ω
      AMT2-4 AMT Tweeter
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      € 64,83
      € 78,45
      AMT | 8 Ω
      AMT29CM1.1-R AMT Tweeter
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      € 661,12
      € 799,95
      8" | 8 Ω
      PT6825-8 Planar Mid/Tweeter
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      € 71,45
      € 86,45

      In contrast to woofers and mid-range woofers, tweeters are optimized for recreating high frequencies. The higher the frequency, the less air must be moved by the speaker membrane to accomplish an equal volume. Tweeters generally have a small design, as more significant and more massive membranes would be too weighty to reproduce tones in higher frequency ranges. Furthermore, a little membrane is adequate for tweeters to produce sound since the highest frequencies also have the shortest wavelengths. A tweeter usually operates between 2 kHz and 20 kHz, but special tweeters can reach reproduce frequencies up to 100 kHz. Then again, tweeters cannot repeat low frequencies, which makes a combination with different drivers fundamental. At SoundImports, you can buy tweeters from brands like Dayton Audio, Monacor, Peerless by Tymphany, Scan-Speak and many more! You can also shop for excellent replacement tweeter from brands such as GRS!


      Dome Tweeter

      Dome tweeters are generally the most widely recognized design. Like regular woofers and midrange drivers, dome tweeters have a membrane as a sound-emanating component. This membrane is moved by a voice coil that moves into an annular gap in a permanent magnet. The membrane and the plunger coil are focused by a circumferential bead which permits the membrane to move axially. Here at SoundImports, you can buy a great variety of dome tweeters.


      Horn/waveguide Tweeter

      Horn/waveguide tweeters work by a similar practical guideline as dome tweeters. There is a sound-leading structure, the alleged horn, in front of the genuine speaker membrane to improve the acoustic proficiency and direct the sound. Here at SoundImports, you can order horn/waveguide tweeters out of a wide assortment.


      Ribbon Tweeter

      Ribbon tweeters use a thin aluminium foil as a membrane situated in the stator field of lasting magnets. The signal moves through the aluminium foil itself longitudinally, and the magnetic field incited by the current flow avoids the film vibrating. From a non-literal perspective, the membrane is also the voice coil. Because of the low impedance of the metal ribbon, a straightforward procedure on a power amplifier is not possible, which is why ribbon tweeters consistently have a transformer incorporated into their cases for impedance coordination. At SoundImports, you can shop and choose out of several great ribbon tweeters.

      So, what separates Ribbon Tweeters from ordinary tweeters? The next level of flexibility and lightness in ribbon tweeters allows for a significantly higher level of velocity and response. Their small weight and lack of physical suspension are crucial to their performance; they react to even the slightest wave patterns.

      Monacor's RBT-95 Magnetostatic Ribbon Tweeter, for example, provides a high-end aesthetic and sound at a more affordable price. Magnetostatic tweeters provide fine and stunning reproduction, making them an excellent choice for budget DIY projects for HiFi bookshelf speakers or studio monitors. Even high-quality full-range systems can benefit from the addition of the RBT-95 as a super tweeter above 6-10 kHz.


      AMT Tweeter

      The Air Motion Transformer tweeter operates by moving air out of the pleated diaphragm perpendicularly. Its diaphragm is the folded film pleats (typically PET film) placed in a high magnetic field around aluminium struts. They are capable of large performance ranges and are relatively more stable than electrostatics or ribbons but have low-mass moving components that are identical.  Also, AMT tweeters can be found in our assortment here at SoundImports!


      Bought one of our excellent speaker tweeters and want to adjust it? Check out our test & measurement products!

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