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        Bullet tweeter for sale

        7 Bullet tweeter for sale
        1" | 8 Ω
        BT3-8 Bullet Tweeter
        0 reviews
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        € 12,93
        € 15,65
        Horn | 8 Ω
        TL 16 H Horn Dome Tweeter
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 235,50
        € 284,95
        Horn | 8 Ω
        ST200 Super Tweeter
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 34,67
        € 41,95
        Horn | 8 Ω
        ST400 Super Tweeter
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 95,-
        € 114,95

        Super Tweeter / Bullet Tweeter

        At SoundImports, you will find our selection of high-quality bullet tweeters; often also referred to as super tweeters. These particular tweeters are designed to deliver extremely high frequencies beyond many standard tweeters. So what makes them so special? Their special construction allows them to reproduce frequencies that other tweeters, such as dome tweeters and ribbon tweeters, sometimes miss. As a result, they complement woofers, subwoofers and bass-mid woofers perfectly and provide a complete and balanced sound range in your system. They can also combine well with horn tweeters, which take care of the mid frequencies.

        If you aim for a sound experience with attention to every detail, a bullet or super tweeter is a valuable addition. We are very happy with our collection of leading brands such as JBL Selenium, Dayton Audio, GRS, Monacor and Visaton. Find the tweeter that takes your audio setup to the next level. Not quite there? Our customer service team will be happy to help you choose the right bullet tweeter.

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