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        What is a screw terminal?

        A screw terminal is an electrical connection in which a wire is held in place by a screw. The wire can be wrapped directly beneath the head of a screw, held by a metal plate that is pressed on the wire by a screw, or secured by a set screw in the side of a metal tube. The wire can be stripped of its insulation and put straight into the terminal or beneath the head of a screw. Otherwise, it can be placed into a ferrule before being inserted into the terminal, or it can be joined to a connecting lug before being fastened under the screw head. Here at SoundImports, you can buy screw terminals from our premium brand Monacor.


        How do you use a screw terminal?

        To ensure appropriate removal of insulation, containment of all wire strands, and suitable tightening of the screw, assembly of a screw connection necessitates some care in craftsmanship. If the wire diameter is small in comparison to the screw size, the wire may be cut through if the screw is overtightened. When a wire is clamped between two plates by a screw, this is less likely to happen. Because wire strands in a basic screw terminal may not be contained by the screw head, stranded wires can be crimped into a ferrule to prevent terminal bridging, which somewhat compensates for the cost of "bare" wire termination.

        While wires can be crimped, they should not be heavily soldered before being installed in a screw terminal since the soft metal will cold flow, resulting in a loose connection and a potential fire hazard. Screw connections might come loose if they aren't tightened up sufficiently during the fitting process. Calibrated installation equipment and suitable training are required to ensure adequate tightening torque.


        What does a screw terminal do?

        By tightening a screw that seals the clamp, a screw terminal or screw-type terminal blocks secure the wire to the conductor in the terminal block.

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