SoundImports is your new "preferred supplier" of audio components and equipment. Our warehouse is located in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Together with our ambitious and motivated team we provide customers accross Europe with the best audio related products.

For over two years now, SoundImports is official dealer of the brand Dayton Audio. Dayton Audio has specialized in audio components, particularly the field of loudspeaker design and production. Throughout the years, Dayton Audio products have received acclaim worldwide and are often compared favorably to similar items costing far more.

Recently we have become official dealer for the brands Sure Electronics and miniDSP. The amplifier boards of Sure Electronics and the digital audio processors of miniDSP broadens our assortment significantly.

Audioquest is an American producer of high quality hifi audio cables and speaker wire. They offer cables in different quality- and price-segments to the market. The British QED offers a wide range of cables and speaker wire with a high quality for a good price. They often won different prices for their products.

SoundImports is always aiming for the highest customer satisafaction by importing high quality audio brands for the European market. Customers all over Europe rated our company with 9,6.