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        Mid-range woofer for sale

        93 Mid-range woofer for sale
        2'' & 1" | 8 Ω
        TM4055-8 Midrange/Tweeter
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 190,04
        € 229,95
        3" | 5 Ω
        DM-7500 Mid-range Dome
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 66,07
        € 79,95
        2" | 8 Ω
        RS52AN-8 Mid-range Dome
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 52,02
        € 62,95
        8'' | 4 Ω
        AS190-4-251 Cell Mid-range
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 991,69
        € 1.199,95
        3'' | 6 Ω
        M74P-6 Mid-range woofer
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 314,01
        € 379,95
        6.5'' | 4 Ω
        Acoustics TVM XW-165-1394 Woofer
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 14,01
        € 16,95
        5.5'' | 6 Ω
        M142A-6 Mid-range woofer
        0 reviews
        In stock ()
        € 867,73
        € 1.049,95

        What are mid-range woofers?

        Mid-range woofers are woofers that reproduce frequencies between in the mid-range, as the name implies. Mid-range frequencies are located between the bass and treble frequencies. These drivers are used in various types of audio systems, including home theatre systems, anti-noise systems and PA systems, and are often used in combination with other types of speakers, such as tweeters and subwoofers. They come in different sizes and shapes and can be made of different materials, such as paper, fibre or synthetic materials. Mid-range woofers are usually mounted in a speaker cabinet or enclosure. The size and shape of the enclosure affect the sound it produces. At SoundImports, you will find mid-range woofers from several top brands such as Dayton Audio, Markaudio, SB Acoustics, SEAS, Tang Band, Scan-Speak, GRS, Monacar and Visaton.


        Do I need a mid-range woofer?

        Mid-range woofers are often used in sound systems designed for music reproduction because they focus on reproducing the mid-range frequencies that are essential for most types of music. Mid-range woofers are also sometimes used in home theatre systems, as they can improve the quality of dialogues and other sounds in the mid-range. However, mid-range woofers are not always necessary. Whether you need a mid-range woofer depends on the type of sound system you have and your personal preferences. Of course, if you are not sure whether you need a mid-range woofer, you can always contact our audio specialists.

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