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      143 SB Acoustics
      10" | 6 Ω
      SB29NRX75-6 Subwoofer
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      € 152,85
      € 184,95
      10" | 4 Ω
      SW26DBAC76-4  Subwoofer
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      € 227,23
      € 274,95
      5" | 4 Ω
      SB13PFCR25-4 Woofer
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      € 22,69
      € 27,45
      9.5" | 8 Ω
      Satori WO24P-8 Woofer
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      € 194,17
      € 234,95
      8" | 4 Ω
      SB23MFCL45-4 Subwoofer
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      € 113,60
      € 137,45
      12" | 4Ω
      SB34SWPL76-4 Subwoofer
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      € 190,04
      € 229,95
      5x8" | 8 Ω
      SB15SFCR39-8 Midwoofer
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      € 35,50
      € 42,95
      8" | 8 Ω NEW
      SB23MFCL45-8 Subwoofer
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      € 113,60
      € 137,45
      12" | 8 Ω
      SB34NRXL75-8 Woofer
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      € 235,50
      € 284,95

      The founders of SB Acoustics have a wealth of knowledge regarding developing drivers, thanks to their years of experience in this business. This is directly reflected in the brand's exclusive Satori line. These woofers and tweeters are designed with the idea to make a woofer that really excels on all fronts. The only concession was the price. This turned out to be no problem for many speaker builders because, after the Satori line launch, it quickly became a success, and there was huge interest. SB Acoustics ran into the problem that they had no room for the production of the drivers. After some consultation, they decided to let a reputable loudspeaker manufacturer in Indonesia fabricate their drivers: Sinar Baja Electric. This company offered SB Acoustics everything they were looking for: specialist knowledge, correct machinery, large-scale production, and strict quality controls. A combination that is rarely found in the industry. Thanks to the excellent collaboration between the two companies, the SB Acoustics drivers are of superb quality.


      SB Acoustics CAC Ceramic Series

      This series’ cones consist of an aluminium/ceramic dual layer cone. Ceramic provides a hard and robust surface with improved sonic properties and cosmetic appearance. SB ceramic speakers cones offer smoothness and harmonic richness unavailable from the conventional paper cones. Ceramic materials also offer significantly higher stiffness numbers and slightly better internal losses than typical metals such as titanium or aluminium. Compared to polymers, paper, and other soft materials, ceramics provide significantly higher stiffness to weight ratio, more consistent performance over a wide range of temperature and humidity, superior immunity to UV light and sunlight, water, and saltwater, and combustibility. A popular example of a ceramic driver is the SB Acoustics SB17CAC35-8.


      SB Acoustics COAXIAL Drivers

      SB Coaxial loudspeakers enable sound from two drivers to come from one source. These SB speakers are composed of a vented reinforced plastic chassis and a proprietary cone material with natural-made fibres. The soft low damping rubber surround allows an improved transient response. The soft low damping rubber surround allows an improved transient response. Optimized motor system, non-resonant long life lead wires, and compact large surround dome tweeter. The SB Acoustics SB13PFC25-4-COAX from the PFC Paper Series is a great example of such technology. 


      SB Acoustics CRC Rohacell®/Carbon Series

      SB Acoustic Rohacell®/Carbon fibre sandwich cone was created for an optimized stiffness/damping ratio. On the popular SB Acoustics SB15CRC30-8, the vented cast aluminium chassis was designed for optimum strength and low compression. The low damping rubber surrounds for an improved transient response. A non-conducting fibreglass voice coil former is used to achieve minimum damping.


      SB Acoustics MFC Polypropylene Series

      The SB Acoustics SB17MFC35-8 is the best expression of the MFC Polypropylene Series. It is fitted with an in-house made mineral-filled PP-cone. The low damping rubber surround was chosen for an improved transient response. It is equipped with an open structure cast frame for reduced reflections and compression, an aluminium alloy for light-weight, non-magnetic and extra rigidity, and a shorting copper cap on the pole piece. It also has a non-inductive 35.5 mm coil former.


      SB Acoustics Aluminum Series

      A fierce example of the Aluminium Wideband Series, the SB Acoustics SB65WBAC25-4 is a popular high-tech little full-range driver. It has a geometrically furrowed aluminium cone for extended usable frequency range, a copper cap for increased high-frequency output, reduced phase shift at higher frequencies, and improved power handling capability. Furthermore, it uses a low damping surround and the non-conductive voice coil former to ensure dynamics and an open/transparent sound character with excellent detailing/resolution. These components are driven by a linear neodymium motor system for reduced distortion and a vented voice coil former for reduced compression.


      SB Acoustics Paper Series

      Both the Satori and SFCR Series are equipped with a hard paper cone for improved piston operation. They mount a large optimized motor system with an under-cut pole piece and dual shorting rings; a vented aerodynamic cast aluminium chassis for optimum strength and low compression. SB Acoustics Satori WO24P-8. Another great example is the SB Acoustics SFCR SB15SFCR-00. It is a 5" X 8" passive radiator with a made-in-house at SB Acoustics hard paper cone with a racetrack design. Its components also include a low damping rubber surround, symmetric suspension, and an easily adjustable moving mass.


      SB Acoustics SB29RDNC-C000-4 Tweeter

      This tweeter has a distinctive fabric ring dome and a substantial roll surround. The acoustic center of the tweeter is returned to the voice coil by stabilizing the dome's center, which also has the added benefit of improving sensitivity. The tweeter has a chambered back that is intended to lower the resonance frequency and lessen dome-related back wave reflections. The pole piece is covered with a copper cap.

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