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        Crossover Capacitors for sale

        1084 Crossover Capacitors for sale
        MCAP250-47 | 47 µF | 5% | 250 V
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        € 20,62
        € 24,95
        ATC/4.70/630 | 4,7 µF | 2% | 630 V
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        € 437,98
        € 529,95
        MCAP250-68 | 68 µF | 5% | 250 V
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        € 24,75
        € 29,95
        ESA | 10 µF | 3% | 250 V
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        € 10,70
        € 12,95
        SUP8-10 | 10 µF | 2% | 600 V
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        € 41,28
        € 49,95

        What is a capacitor?

        A capacitor is a passive electronic component that stores electrical energy in an electric field. Within crossover circuits, it acts as a key component to control the frequency response of a speaker system by blocking certain frequencies and letting others through, resulting in a clear and detailed sound.


        Diversity in capacity: from microfarads to kilofarads

        At SoundImports, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of capacitors, with values ranging from as little as 0.01 µF to as much as 47000 µF. This wide range allows audio enthusiasts and professionals to find the perfect match for any project, whether refining the crossover in a speaker system or stabilizing an amplifier design.


        Types of capacitors

        Our range includes various types of capacitors, suitable for different audio applications. Each type of capacitor has unique electrical properties that can affect the performance and quality of the sound.

        Electrolytic capacitors

        Electrolytic capacitors are known for their high capacitance per unit volume, which makes them particularly suitable for applications requiring high capacitance. They are often used in the power supply sections of amplifiers to filter ripple voltages, but less so in signal paths due to their non-ideal frequency response and longer-term stability issues.

        Film/Foil capacitors

        Film or foil capacitors are a superior choice for audio crossover circuits because of their linear frequency response and reliability over time. With properties such as low dielectric absorption and minimal phase shifts, they improve audio quality through more accurate filtering of frequencies. They are ideal for use in the signal path of a loudspeaker crossover network.

        What should you consider when choosing a capacitor?

        Choosing the right capacitor in an audio circuit depends on several specifications. Note the rated capacitance, expressed in microfarads (µF), which indicates the amount of charge a capacitor can store. The maximum voltage indicates the voltage up to which a capacitor can safely operate without risk of breakthrough or other damage. The capacitor's tolerance, expressed as a percentage, indicates the precision of the capacitance value. In addition, the ESR (equivalent series resistance) is an important factor that affects the capacitor's performance at different frequencies.

        How to connect a capacitor?

        The correct connection of a capacitor is essential for the safety and performance of your audio equipment. For best audio performance, observe the polarity of electrolytic capacitors and make sure they are used within their rated voltage range. Film capacitors are usually non-polarised and more flexible in use.


        Our crossover component blog provides all the information you need to refine your audio knowledge. Dive into the details of our electrolytic capacitors or film/foil capacitors for more specialised applications. We are always ready to answer your questions via our contact page or live chat.

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