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        Acoustic speaker measurement equipment for sale

        18 Acoustic speaker measurement equipment for sale
        UMIK-1 Measurement Microphone
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        € 90,87
        € 109,95
        UMIK-2 Measurement Microphone
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        € 231,36
        € 279,95
        UMA-16 USB Mic Array
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        € 305,74
        € 369,95
        CLIO 12 Standard
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        € 1.859,46
        € 2.249,95
        Measurement Microphone
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        € 247,89
        € 299,95
        EARS Headphone Test Fixture
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        € 239,63
        € 289,95
        USB 2.0
        UMA-8 Multichannel Microphone
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        € 156,16
        € 188,95

        What is acoustic measurement equipment?

        Discover the world of acoustic measurement equipment: an indispensable tool for every audio enthusiast and professional. Acoustic measurement equipment consists of sophisticated instruments such as measuring microphones, sound analysers and test systems, specially designed to assess and improve the sound quality of your audio equipment. These devices accurately analyse aspects such as frequency response, sound pressure and sound frequency, making them essential for fine-tuning your sound system. Whether you are an audiophile striving for the perfect listening experience, or a professional testing the sound quality of products, acoustic measurement devices provide the data you need to take your audio experience to the next level. Step into the world of sophisticated audio analysis and discover how these tools can transform your sound.

        How can you accurately measure the sound quality of your speakers?

        Acoustic measurement equipment is an essential toolset for accurately measuring sound waves, crucial for audiophiles and audio engineering professionals alike. From advanced measurement microphones, such as the miniDSP UMIK-1, to integrated test systems such as miniDSP EARS for headphones, this equipment provides in-depth analysis of the frequency response and acoustic performance of your audio equipment.

        What distinguishes acoustic measurement equipment from electrical?

        Acoustic measurement equipment detects and analyses sound waves in the air, giving you insight into the sound quality and acoustic characteristics of your speakers. Electrical measuring equipment, on the other hand, measures the electrical signal that drives the speakers. By combining both measurements, such as with the Dayton Audio DATS V3 for electrical testing and the miniDSP UMIK-1 for acoustic testing, you can fine-tune the overall performance of your speaker system for an optimised listening experience.

        Do I need any other equipment?

        To perform optimal acoustic testing, it is important to have all the necessary equipment. Using an acoustic measurement microphone requires conversion of the analogue signal to a digital format so that analysis software such as Room EQ Wizard can interpret the data. Measurement microphones with a digital interface, such as the miniDSP UMIK-2, are user-friendly and can be connected directly to a computer. Analogue microphones, such as the Dayton Audio EMM-6, require external equipment such as a preamplifier and interface with phantom power.

        Is a standard microphone sufficient for accurate measurements?

        Measurement microphones are specifically designed for precision in sound measurements and differ significantly from standard microphones. They offer a flat frequency response over a wide spectrum, allowing them to reliably measure low and high frequencies without distortion, for a true representation of sound performance. Find out more about choosing and using the right measurement microphones in our comprehensive blog on measurement microphones.

        Which measurement microphone is right for your audio needs?

        Select a measurement microphone based on specifications such as connectivity (USB or XLR), sample rate and frequency range to ensure it suits your specific situation. Our technical experts at SoundImports can be reached at [email protected] for tailored advice.

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