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        Scan-Speak woofer speaker drivers for sale

        80 Scan-Speak woofer speaker drivers for sale

        What are Scan-Speak woofers?

        Woofers from Scan-Speak represent the pinnacle of audio engineering and design, offering an unparalleled sound experience. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and use of advanced technologies, woofers from Scan-Speak have become a fixture in the high-end audio market. This Danish brand is at the forefront of audio innovation and consistently delivers woofers that excel in sound quality, construction and performance.


        Key features and technologies

        Patented Symmetrical Motor Design: This unique feature, found in several Scan-Speak woofers, creates a balanced and symmetrical magnetic field, which improves the linearity of the woofer's movement. This results in less harmonic distortion and cleaner, more precise bass response.


        Low-loss linear suspension: Scan-Speak woofers are designed with a focus on minimizing energy loss. The low-loss linear suspension system ensures that the movement of the woofer is efficient and controlled, yielding more accurate and dynamic bass reproduction.


        Advanced cone materials: From coated air-dried paper/carbon fiber cones to NRSC fiberglass cones, Scan-Speak uses a variety of advanced materials. These materials were chosen for their ability to reduce vibration and standing waves, resulting in a clearer and more detailed sound.


        Rugged chassis design: The die-cast aluminum chassis, often vented for improved airflow, provides a solid base for the woofers. This design not only improves thermal management, but also reduces resonances that can color the sound.

        High sensitivity and wide frequency range: Woofers from Scan-Speak are known for their high sensitivity, allowing them to deliver impressive sound pressure levels even with modest amplifier power. The wide frequency range allows these woofers to effectively reproduce both the subtle nuances and the power of bass frequencies.

        Series highlights

        Revelator Series: The Revelator 18W/8531G00 exemplifies the series' focus on reducing resonance and achieving higher linearity and sound pressure levels. The non-resonant cone and dust cap structure, combined with the SD-1 magnet system, set new standards for woofer performance.


        Classic Series: The Classic 18W/8535-01 is a testament to Scan-Speak's commitment to continuous improvement. With its redesigned aluminum chassis and cone, it offers improved mechanical stability and superior sound performance.


        Discovery Series: The Discovery 10F/4424G00 and 26W/8534G00 are perfect examples of Scan-Speak's innovative approach to woofer design. These models are designed for audiophiles, with technologies such as the coated fiberglass cone and vented motor system for lower distortion and dynamic sound.


        Scan-Speak woofers, with their blend of innovative design, advanced materials and precision engineering, stand out in the world of hi-fi audio. Whether for a discerning audiophile or for a high-end audio system, Scan-Speak offers a range of woofers that can significantly enhance the listening experience. With their commitment to quality and performance, Scan-Speak continues to raise the bar in audio excellence.

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