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        Amplifier fuses for sale

        11 Amplifier fuses for sale
        3A T Glass Cartridge Fuse, 5 x 20mm
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        What is a fuse?

        A fuse is a simple safety device that you can find in many electrical circuits, such as the electrical circuit of our amplifiers, for excess current or overcurrent protection. A fuse will blow up and break the electrical circuit if the current that surges through is stronger than expected and could, therefore, damage your beloved amplifier module. By breaking as a protection against stronger currents, it prevents the risk of fire or electrocution. The moment when the fuse blows out is also known as the breaking capacity. Once it is blown out, it interrupts current flow and becomes an open fuse. Here at SoundImports, you can buy fuses from Littlefuse.


        What is the difference between a fuse and a circuit breaker?

        A circuit breaker and a fuse fulfil the same purpose – both components break electrical circuits when a current surge or short circuit occurs. Nonetheless, these two components are not the same, because there is one distinction. While fuses ‘blow out’ and only can be used once, circuit breakers work the same way a switch works.  Once they flipped to break the circuit, they can be reset to reactivate them. Fuses are cheaper and can be replaced fairly quickly for a minimum downtime, but are no one-time purchase. Therefore, depending on how often you ‘want’ to blow out your amplifier module, a circuit breaker might be cheaper in the long run. But since no one plans on blowing their fuses regularly, this is no argument to say that circuit breakers are better than fuses.

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