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        Scan-Speak was founded in 1970 by Ejvind Skaaning and is today a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-end transducers for top international loudspeakers’ brands. Skaaning’s vision of producing customized loudspeaker drivers has led to the 50 years legacy that is Scan-Speak. There are not many brands that have such longevity, and we, at SoundImports, are proud to be offering the result of such high-end products. All Scan-Speak woofers and tweeters are developed, designed, and manufactured by 50 dedicated employees in Videbaek, Denmark.


        More than 50 years of high-end audio components

        Scan-Speak is a Danish company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality loudspeaker drivers. They are known for producing a wide range of speaker components, including woofers, midrange drivers, full-range drivers and tweeters. Scan-Speak is renowned for serveral unique aspects that sets them apart from other loudspeaker manufacturers. Scan-Speak is known for its focus on innovation and technologiical advancements. The brand invests heavily in research and development and is striving to push the boundaries of loudspeaker design. High quality craftsmanship is also one of the key factors that differes Scan-Speak from their competitors.  

        T/S parameters and Scan-Speak datasheet content

        Scan-Speak pays a lot of attention to each of his products’ data-sheet. Each one is divided into paragraphs that each lists quantities and parameters belonging to the specific driver. Apart from the detailed picture and the sketch with dimensions, there are the following key features: Recommendations, T/S parameters, Mechanical data, Electrical data, Power handling, Acoustic/electric measurement results. On their website, you can also find a description of the method used at Scan-Speak to calculate T/S parameters. Scan-Speak drivers are highly regarded for their exceptional sound performance. They are known for their accuracy, transparency, and ability to reproduce sound with great detail and realism. Audiophiles and professionals in the audio industry often favor Scan-Speak drivers for their ability to deliver an engaging and immersive listening experience.


        Discover the speaker ranges of Scan-Speak

        Scan-Speak developed a couple of speaker ranges. The biggest line of the Scan-Speak speaker familie is the Discovery serie. It offers a wide range of choices and sizes. The Illuminator series are unique and popular products from Scan-Speak. SoundImports is also offering the Scan-Speak Revelator and Classic series. Lastly, the Ellipticor series if being offered. It had a unique elliptical-shaped voice coil. Check them all out below.

        Scan-Speak Discovery series

        The Discovery family is one of the largest lines in Scan-Speak’s families, and a lot of its divers are best sellers in our webshop. The Discovery series focuses on providing high-quality drivers at a more affordable price point. These drivers still maintain Scan-Speak's commitment to sound excellence, offering good performance and value for audio enthusiasts and manufacturers on a budget. This line of products is so popular because it offers a wide variety of choices of sizes. The design is based on traditional electroacoustic knowledge and craftsmanship. The cones are made of a glass fibre material coated to achieve proper damping, and all cones are shaped with the NRSC (Non-Resonant Suspension Coupling) principle that ensures smooth sound pressure frequency response. In this family, the well-known design, namely the 3” dome midrange Scan-Speak D7608/920000, still goes strong in terms of quality and performance despite its many years on the market. Other popular products in this family are the Scan-Speak Discovery R2604/832000, theScan-Speak Discovery D2606/922000, and theScan-Speak Discovery D2604/833000.

        Scan-Speak Illuminator series

        The Illuminator series is designed to push the boundaries of driver technology. These drivers incorporate state-of-the-art features, such as large neodymium magnet systems, low-loss linear suspensions, and specially treated cones, to achieve remarkable clarity, dynamics, and transient response. Products in the Illuminator family feature many advanced technologies, materials, and sophisticated designs. Their common features are the voice coil configuration and a large linear excursion capability. Carefully designed and combined with a unique cone structure, the transparency, detail, and lack of distortion even at higher levels is hard to find elsewhere. The most popular example of this family is the Scan-Speak Illuminator 18WU/8741T00.

        Scan-Speak Revelator series

        The Revelator series is known for its exceptional sound quality and performance. These drivers feature advanced technology, high-quality materials, and innovative designs to deliver accurate and detailed sound reproduction across a wide frequency range. Products in the Revelator family feature a slit-paper uncoated non-resonant cone that reproduces music at a dynamic level, and clarity was unparalleled in the market. The tweeters are predominantly designed with a large roll surround, a powerful ring of Neodymium magnets, and optimized airflow systems. Within the wide Revelator range, you will find everything you need when it comes to high-end audio transducers, whether you need drivers for a small 2-way system or a giant multi-way loudspeaker. The Scan-Speak 15W/4531G, for example, provides a more extended frequency response than its brothers but still fantastic bass in a vented enclosure.

        Scan-Speak Classic series

        The Classic series embodies Scan-Speak's long-standing tradition of producing high-quality drivers with a timeless design. These drivers combine well-established technologies with modern improvements to deliver accurate sound reproduction and excellent value. The many decades' heritage, quality, and success of Scan-Speak's designs are found in the Classic family with such patented and proprietary technologies as the Symmetrical Drive, Low Loss Linear Suspension, cones of air-dried carbon-reinforced paper, and nylon reinforced paper. The latest additions are the Scan-Speak Classic D2904/980000 and the Scan-Speak Classic D2008/851100.

        Scan-Speak Ellipticor series

        One of the goals for a new driver concept at Scan-Speak was to minimize cone modes, and this family uses an innovative concept: an elliptical-shaped voice coils to control the cone and dome. By not driving the diaphragm asymmetrically, what you get is an “infinite” number of Eigen frequencies, but less contribution for each frequency and overall lower distortion. Driving the diaphragm symmetrically gets you a finite number of Eigen frequencies with a higher contribution combining at certain frequencies producing the “dreaded” colouration modes. From this concept, it was developed the Scan-Speak Ellipticor 18WE/4542T00.

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