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    Dayton Audio Epique E180HE-44 7" DVC MMAG Extended Range Subwoofer 4 Ohm per Coil

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    Product description

    Dayton Audio's ground breaking Epique E180HE-44 7" carbon fiber cone dual voice coil woofer is engineered to produce premium performance with controlled response. Thanks to its revolutionary MMAG dual gap motor, the motor force is nearly constant even when driven to the limits of its 14 mm Xmax. Capable of unheard-of excursion for its size while delivering smooth response with low distortion, the E180HE-44 woofer gives you the opportunity to create systems that provide extraordinary accuracy and fidelity.



    • Patented dual gap MMAG motor design allows exceptional linearity for minimal distortion
    • Lightweight damped carbon fiber cone delivers remarkably smooth response up to 45 degrees off axis
    • Incredibly linear 14 mm excursion to produce class leading low frequency extension and control
    • Extensive inductance control extends high frequency response and helps lower distortion
    • Substantial venting keeps the voice coil cool to minimize power compression
    • Dual 4 ohm voice coils enable a variety wiring configurations and flexibility
    • Incredible versatility, premium performance as a subwoofer or woofer in 2-way designs


    Product details

    Dayton Audio Epique E180HE-44 7" DVC MMAG Extended Range Subwoofer 4 Ohm per Coil

    Combining world class performance with a reasonable cost, the Epique E180HE-44 7" carbon fiber cone woofer from Dayton Audio sets a new standard in versatility, distortion, and response for small speakers. This dual voice coil driver uses a patented MMAG dual gap motor assembly for unmatched linear excursion capability to create compact systems with more bass output and lower distortion than ever. Featuring a carbon fiber cone, dual voice coils, custom tooled suspension, FEA optimized motor, cast aluminum frame, ample venting, and extensive induction control, the E180HE-44 pushes the limits of performance for a 7" driver. Capable of exceptional performance in everything from small subwoofers to 2-way designs, this versatile driver will redefine what is possible from compact speaker systems.


    MMAG motor assembly - like no other

    MMAG = Multiple Magnet Air Gap

    The heart of the E180HE-44 is the patented MMAG dual gap motor assembly. This unique design uses 2 top plates spaced between 6 smaller bucking magnets creating a longer magnetic gap with more consistent flux than more common dual gap arrangements. The combination of the MMAG motor and the underhung voice coil gives the E180HE-44 zero loss of motor force (Bl) even when driven to 10 mm of excursion, and an overall excursion capability of over 14 mm (at 70% Bl). This incredible excursion capability allows extremely low harmonic and intermodulation distortion to ensure remarkably clean output even when driven to high output levels. Furthermore, the motor includes extensive induction control to lower Le and improve high frequency response.


    Carbon fiber is all about performance

    The rigid carbon fiber cone gives the E180HE-44 a unique look while offering a number of performance advantages. With one of the highest strength to weight ratios of readily available materials, carbon fiber keeps the moving mass to a minimum enabling extended low frequency extension without sacrificing efficiency. The woven cone has excellent damping properties which keeps unwanted resonances under control for incredibly smooth response all the way up to 3,000 Hz. Optimized cone and dustcap profiles make sure that there is no deformation when exposed to high stress so the smooth response and low distortion remains consistent even when pushed to high output levels. Finally, the outside edge of the cone has been reinforced to further control cone breakup and help maintain controlled off axis dispersion.


    High excursion requires flexible suspension

    When designing the E180HE-44, Dayton Audio paid extra attention to optimize the suspension to guarantee unrestricted excursion without limiting performance. The large roll rubber surround was custom tooled for high excursion while paying extra attention to the profile to avoid limiting off axis dispersion. A filleted inside edge helps to add extra damping to the cone while reducing reflection from the high roll surround to further improve higher frequency response. A large diameter progressive spider helps keep the cone linear when driven to high excursion without restriction. In addition, the tinsel leads have been woven into the spider on opposing sides to keep mass and compliance displaced evenly across the spider.


    Extensive venting helps displace unwanted heat

    Excess heat build up will increase resistance and cause significant power compression and even failure. The force air across the voice coil and keep everything cool the E180HE-44 has extensive cooling. Another advantage of this MMAG motor assembly is the open spaces between the bucking magnets which allow unrestricted airflow directly into the center of the magnetic gap. With this open layout cool air is pulled directly across the voice coil to remove heat more efficiently than more common motor designs. Also the E180HE-44 includes a vented voice coil former, 3 large peripheral gap vents, and unrestricted airflow under the spider to make sure that every component has fresh air moving across it to keep temperatures at a minimum even when pushed hard for long periods.


    Cast aluminum frame holds everything together

    In order to support its massive motor assembly while providing a solid mounting surface, the E180HE-44 uses a rugged cast aluminum frame. The minimalistic design of the frame eliminates unwanted reflections and provides ample airflow for the rear of the cone. With plenty of space behind the spider makes sure that you can push the limits of excursion without bottoming out. Being a non-magnetic material, the aluminum frame has no effect to the magnetic field allowing the motor to effortlessly perform exactly as designed. As an added bonus aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat to further assist in cooling.


    Note: This is a dual voice coil driver with 4 ohms per voice coil. Specs have been measured with the voice coils wired in series.


    Article number
    Woofer Series
    EPIQUE by Dayton Audio
    Woofer Type
    Extended Range Subwoofer
    Nominal Diameter
    Power Handling (RMS)
    200 Watts
    Power Handling (max)
    400 Watts
    Impedance (Z)
    8 Ohms
    83.7dB 2.83V/1m
    Frequency Response
    25 to 3,000Hz
    Voice Coil Diameter
    DC Resistance (Re)
    Voice Coil Inductance (Le)
    Resonant Frequency (Fs)
    Mechanical Q (Qms)
    Electromagnetic Q (Qes)
    Total Q (Qts)
    Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms)
    Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms)
    Surface Area of Cone (Sd)
    BL Product (BL)
    Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)
    Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)
    Cone / Diaphragm Material
    Surround Material
    Voice Coil Former
    Basket / Frame Material
    Cast Aluminum
    Magnet Material
    Ceramic Ferrite
    Overall Outside Diameter
    Overall Depth
    Baffle Cutout Diameter
    # Mounting Holes
    Mounting Hole Diameter
    Sealed Volume
    Sealed F3
    Vented Volume
    Vented F3


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    Epique E180HE-44 7" DVC MMAG Extended Range Subwoofer 4 Ohm per Coil
    € 107,40
    € 129,95
    Epique E180HE-44 7" DVC MMAG Extended Range Subwoofer 4 Ohm per Coil
    0 In stock: please contact us for accurate delivery times

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