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        Erik - Tuesday 27 April 2022

        SEAS Application Notes

        SEAS had earned a reputation for building some of the most high-end quality drivers available on the market today. This Norwegian-based company also has developed its own kit plans for you to build. Working with well know designers like Joseph d’Appolito and Murray Zeligman, their own R&D department spent hours listing not only their products but also the finished systems they have designed themselves.

        In this blog, we are highlighting some of these DIY plans with a parts list for the drivers and crossover parts that you can use to start your own project! We will take a look at the following plans:

        • The Mimir
        • Loki Mk III
        • The Idunn
        • The Bragi
        • A26
        • KingRO4Y Mk III


        The Mimir

        A high-end two-way speaker kit. The Mimir consist of an 18 cm long-throw woofer with a coated paper cone the SEAS CA18RNX and a 27 mm coated fabric tweeter the SEAS 27TDFC. It’s based on a standard 14 liter vented cabinet. This cabinet was chosen to give people an easy start in building a loudspeaker.

        You can find the original application note here: The Mimir


        Tweeter: SEAS Prestige 27TDFC
        Woofer: SEAS CA18RNX - H1215-08


        Capacitor: C1 4,70 uF
        Capacitor: C2 8,20 uF
        Coil: L1 0.33 mH
        Coil: L2 2,70 mH
        Coil: L3 1,00 mH
        Resistor: R1 8,20 Ohm
        Resistor: R2 3,30 Ohm
        Resistor: R3 4,70 Ohm


        Loki Mk III

        Loki is the result of many years of fine-tuning and improvements. It’s highly regarded as a versatile speaker that works well in almost any placement and setup. Currently, in the Mk III version, this compact loudspeaker has proven as a good example of the benefits of our coaxial technology. The common acoustic center of the woofer and tweeter makes it easy to marry the phase of the two drivers and avoid the common lobing issues. This results in a very large sweet spot and an astonishing sound stage. Whether it’s used for stereo or in a home theatre this loudspeaker always delivers a true high fidelity experience.

        You can find the original application note here: Loki Mk III


        Coaxial: SEAS Prestige T18REX/XFC - H1353-08/06


        Capacitor: C1 3,30 uF
        Capacitor: C2 10,0 uF
        Coil: L1 0,27 mH
        Coil: L2 2,20 mH
        Resistor: R1 4,70 Ohm
        Resistor: R2 8,20 Ohm


        The Idunn

        A high-end two-way speaker kit, based around the SEAS U18RNX 18cm (6,5”) mid/low woofer and the special SEAS Prestige 27TBCD/GB-DXT with its DXT lens that solves well known major issues with regard to directivity control, off-axis response, integration with mid-range units and baffle diffraction. This combination results in a good all-around speaker with a great off-axis response even at higher frequencies. Resulting in a huge sweet spot, while still allowing for pinpoint imaging. And it also keeps the tonal balance of the loudspeaker all over the listing room. Another feature is the low overall distortion this makes the reproduced music very clean and without coloration

        You can find the original application note here: The Idunn


        Woofer: SEAS Prestige U18RNX/P - H1571-08
        Tweeter: SEAS Prestige 27TBCD/GB-DXT - H1499-06


        Capacitor: C1 2,70 uF
        Capacitor: C2 15,0 uF
        Capacitor: C3 10,0 uF
        Coil: L1 0,39 mH
        Coil: L2 2,20 mH
        Resistor: R1 1,00 Ohm
        Resistor: R2 10,0 Ohm


        The Bragi

        Because of the success of "The Idunn" SEAS decided to make a bigger brother that utilizes the same drivers but two SEAS Prestige U18RNX/P woofers instead of one resulting in more punch in the bass. The Idunn is intended to be both used in a home theater or stereo setup. In a home theater setup, the Bragi can be combined with the Idunn as rear and surround speakers since they have a matching sound character, or you can use the Bragi all-around for extra punch.

        You can find the original application note here: The Bragi


        Woofer: SEAS Prestige U18RNX/P - H1571-08
        Tweeter: SEAS Prestige 27TBCD/GB-DXT - H1499-06


        Capacitor: C1 3,30 uF
        Capacitor: C2 10,0 uF
        Capacitor: C3 18,0 uF
        Coil: L1 0,22 mH
        Coil: L2 1,50 mH
        Resistor: R1 12,0 Ohm



        The A26

        The A26 loudspeaker design is based closely on that of the legendary Dynaco A25 loudspeaker, first introduced in 1969. The A25, designed and built by SEAS, was one of the most popular loudspeakers ever produced, with more than 1 million units sold. It was highly acclaimed by audiophiles of the day and received extremely positive reviews from consumer magazines as well as in the high-end audio press

        You can find the original application note here: SEAS A26


        Woofer: SEAS Prestige A26RE4 - H1411-08
        Tweeter: SEAS Excel T35C002 - E0055


        Capacitor: C1 3,30 uF
        Resistor: R1 10,0 Ohm

        The KingRO4Y MkIII

        The KingRO4Y MK.III is a compact three-way loudspeaker kit, making use of two SEAS drive units- the C18EN002/A and L26RO4Y. The amplification and DSP crossover networking are handled by the powerful Hypex Fusion FA503, a 3-channel plate amplifier boasting two 500W channels and a 100W tweeter channel. The C18N002/A is an 18cm coaxial unit from the Excel range, a mid-frequency cone with a tweeter centered in its voice coil, the co-location of the mid-drive unit and the tweeter allows for co-location in time improving phase coherence and reducing effects such as vertical lobing which can occur with non-co-located units. The L26RO4Y is a 26cm low-frequency drive unit from the SEAS Extreme range. Having a large magnet system for the size of the driver it has exceptionally low Q which makes it ideal for use in compact systems with digital crossovers, such as utilized in the Fusion FA503 as part of this kit. A four-layer, high-temperature voice coil means high power handling capacity and reduced thermal compression further waiting to take advantage of the improved output power of the FA503. Making this a great active monitor or full-range Hifi system.

        You can find the original application note here: The KingRO4Y MkIII


        Coaxial: SEAS Excel C18EN002/A - E0060-08/06S
        sub-woofer: SEAS Extreme L26RO4Y - XM004-04


        DSP amplifier: Hypex FA503

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