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        Koen - Thursday 22 July 2023

        New: SB Acoustics DIY speaker kits

        Discover SB Acoustics DIY kits: high quality do it yourself speaker kits at your fingertips. High quality cabinets included with the best audiocomponents from SB Acoustics now available at SoundImports!

        SB Acoustics - Building your Sound

        SB Acoustics (Sinar Baja Acoustics) is famous for their knowledge regarding developing speaker drivers, thanks to years of experience in this business. These days, the manufacturing of many SB Acoustics drivers is taking place on the island Java in Indonesia. The SB Acoustics RINJANI and RINJANI Be kit have been named after the second highest active volcano in Indonesia: mount Rinjani. The RINJANI’s faceted baffle is specially designed to reduce high frequency diffraction and yields superb imaging qualities.


        High quality DIY kits at your fingertips

        SB Acoustics kits are designed to be easy to assemble and come with all the necessary components. They also come with detailed instructions that make it easy for anyone to build their own speakers. The SB Acoustics DIY speaker kits are a great choice for anyone who wants to build their own speakers and get high-quality sound without spending an enourmous amout of money. They are also a good choice for anyone who wants to learn more about speaker design and construction. SB Acoustics is giving customers the choise between the Satori tweeter or Beryllium tweeter in their designs. At this moment SoundImports is offering the basic colours (high-gloss black & white). Please find them below. If you are interested in other colours, please contact us to receive a quotation. The current models available at SoundImports:


        SB Acoustics ARA-Be speaker kit

        The ARA Be is a 2-way stand mount kit which takes the ARA performance to the highest level with the SATORI TW29BN Beryllium tweeter and revised crossover. The TW29BN has been independently announced by many as the best tweeter in the world. he frequency range is 45-30000 Hz +/-3dB and the sensitivity ( 2.83V/1m ) is 87 dB. The nominal impedance is 4 Ω. Find the 4 minute assembly video of this speaker kit below. Discover the ease of DIY audio.



        Customer review of the SB Acoustics ARA-Be speaker kit:


        • Roni Hirvimäki

          Posted on thursday 22 february 2024 18:27

          I need this

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