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        Rick - Tuesday 12 June 2023

        Winning project SoundImports Dopper

        In response to the question "share your best project with us," we received many great submissions. One project really stood out, in terms of creativity, finish and furniture construction this entry made a big impression. This project was submitted by Arjen Huitinga and we rewarded him with a durable SoundImports Dopper.

        Arjen indicates to us that this is a TV furniture with all components built in. The furniture is divided into 2 compartments with an extra compartment for the subwoofer. The technical components for amplification are concealed in the middle space where the front continues optically without interruptions. The furniture hereby remains practical without concessions on the optical part. The sound experience can be compared to small bookshelf speakers / small floorstanders.

        The project includes several brands of woofers, amplifier and other components where this proves to be a successful combination! The Arylic Up2Stream 2.1 Amp module takes care of amplification and streaming. The amplifier is equipped with 2x 50 Watt amplification including a separate subwoofer channel of no less than 1x 100 Watt.

        Sound reproduction takes place through Mark Audio's characteristic Full-range drivers (PLUVIA-7HD Gold) and the Tang Band W5-1138SMF subwoofer combined with the Dayton Audio DSA215 Passive Radiator for the low frequencies, despite the impressive performance of the full range woofers in the low end. Both the Mark Audio drivers as well as the Dayton Audio and Tang Brand modules offer exceptional performance at an affordable price.

        The entire list of speaker components can be found at the bottom of this blog. Feel free to share your questions and opinions below in the comments!

        What do you think of this DIY project?

        DIY build end stage


        Pictures of the construction process












        Dog is helping







        Used components


        Tang Band W5-1138SMF Subwoofer

        Mark Audio PLUVIA-7HD Gold Full-range Woofers

        Dayton Audio DSA215-PR Passive Radiator


        Arylic Up2Stream 2.1 Amp Amplifier board

        Arylic 24 Volt AC/DC Power Adapter

        Ayrlic SPDIF IN Expansion Board

        Ayrlic SPDIF IR Extension Board

        Damping and other

        Visaton Damping Material

        Self-adhesive Insulating Mat

        Ayrlic IR Remote 

        Arylic ADC-KEY Bord

        Black M3 x 16mm Cap Head screws

        Rick & Arjen 


        SounImports Dopper

        • Frits

          Posted on wednesday 11 october 2023 12:30

          Nice build , looks very clean and professional. This speaker system even has storage space hidden by the design of the casing.
          I am wondering if you notice any vibration made by the drawers when loud/ strong bass is being played by the subwoofer , I know that tangband woofers often have a very strong deep bass reproduction and wanted to know how jou made sure that the cabinets drawers dont make vibratingnoise during music listening/ movies etc.

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