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        Thijmen - Friday 24 February 2024

        SOUNDIMPORTS DIY COMPETITION 2024 | The winning project!

        Among the many submissions we received in response to our "Share Your Best Project" call, one stood out for its creativity, finish, and sophistication in loudspeaker construction. This exceptional project was submitted by Petr Koroucek, and we are thrilled to reward him with a gift voucher for their outstanding work and craftsmanship.


        The Ellips-P Loudspeaker project | Concept and design

        Petr has crafted the Ellips-P, an exquisite large 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker, which demonstrates remarkable engineering and aesthetic finesse. This project is not just a testament to Petr's skills but also a pinnacle of acoustic excellence.


        The Ellips-P loudspeaker is a testament to meticulous design. It features a 12" woofer, a 6" midrange, and a 1.5" tweeter, each housed in a beautifully crafted cabinet. The passive crossover design, with frequencies set at 250Hz and 1800Hz, ensures a harmonious blend of sounds across the spectrum.


        The technical components of the Ellips-P are ingeniously integrated. The selection of premium drivers from Scan Speak and Bliesma, along with a careful choice of crossover components from Jantzen, highlights Petr's commitment to quality. The woofer is aligned in a closed box for precise low-frequency response, while the whole setup maintains an impressive sensitivity of 86dB/2.83V/1m.


        The Ellips-P delivers an immersive sound experience. The detailed planning and design have resulted in a loudspeaker that not only looks stunning but also produces crystal-clear audio with depth and richness. The project includes various innovative elements like a state-of-the-art tweeter with a waveguide and a front baffle with quarter-ellipsis roundovers, effectively eliminating diffractions.


        Construction highlights

        Cabinet: Custom-designed with specific dimensions, featuring a 75L volume for the woofer.
        Drivers: Carefully selected for their performance, including the Scan Speak 32W/4878T00, 18WE/4542 Ellipticor and the Bliesma T34B Tweeter + 6" Waveguide.
        Crossover Design: Thoughtfully assembled with Jantzen components to ensure seamless audio transition.

        Meticulous Measurement Process

        In the creation of the Ellips-P loudspeaker, Petr Koroucek demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication and precision in the measurement process. This critical phase involved detailed acoustic measurements, ensuring that each component of the loudspeaker worked harmoniously to produce the best possible sound. Petr meticulously measured the frequency response, impedance, and distortion of each driver, using advanced equipment and techniques. This rigorous approach allowed him to fine-tune the crossover design and driver alignment, achieving an ideal balance between technical accuracy and sonic performance. The extensive time and effort invested in these measurements are evident in the exceptional clarity, depth, and richness of the sound produced by the Ellips-P, making it a true masterpiece of audio engineering.


        Visit Petr's blog to see graphs in more detail

        Visit Petr's blog to view graphs in more detail


        Your thoughts

        What do you think of this DIY loudspeaker project? The Ellips-P represents a harmonious blend of technical prowess and artistic design. Feel free to share your questions and opinions in the comments below!




        Pictures of the construction process







        Used Components


        Scan Speak 32W/4878T00 Woofer

        Scan Speak 18WE/4542 Ellipticor Midrange

        Bliesma T34B Tweeter + 6" Waveguide


        Crossover Components

        Jantzen Cross Caps or standard Z-Caps

        Specific inductors and resistors for optimal crossover functionality


        Cabinet and other

        Custom wood panels for cabinet

        Damping materials for internal acoustics 

        Various screws and hardware for assembly

        • Erlend Sæterdal

          Posted on monday 26 february 2024 12:00

          Ser ud til at være et super produkt.

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